BMW Expands 2016 Driveshaft Recall by 134,000 SUVs

BMW has announced it will recall an additional 134,000 SUVs due to a defective driveshaft joint, expanding on an earlier 2016 recall of 21,000 vehicles for the same issue, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The German automaker states that the driveshaft’s failure can cause the vehicles to stop moving due to excessive wear and tear caused by water and debris that has entered the front universal joint. Specifically, some of the front universal joint seals were manufactured incorrectly, allowing dirt and water to seep into the joint. This would cause the front wheels

The original recall affected 21,493 X5 and X6 SUVs, but as more warranty claims were made by vehicle owners BMW decided to expand its recall list.

The new recall is scheduled to begin on April 24. The vehicles covered are located in the U.S. and Canada:

  • 2011 to 2013 BMW X5 SUVs
  • 2011 to 2014 BMW X6 SUVs
  • 2011 BMW X6 Active Hybrid

There are no reports of injuries or deaths due to the problem. The company will replace the driveshaft on affected vehicles at no cost to consumers.

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