Tips on Lemon Law

Tips on Lemon Law

When you buy or lease a vehicle, the last thing that you want to have is a lemon on your hands. Fortunately, the California Lemon Law provides you with protection against vehicles that have persistent defects. Because the Lemon Law can be complicated, it is important that you take the proper steps to ensure that you have the best possible case against the manufacturer of your vehicle. With these eight tips, you can fully prepare for your Lemon Law case and improve your chances of coming out with a verdict in your favor.

1. Do Your Research Before Buying

The best way to avoid lemons entirely is to do your research before purchasing or leasing a vehicle. You can avoid purchasing a lemon by checking out the make and model of your potential car on consumer report sites and learning whether or not that vehicle has any current lemon law claims. You should also do your research on the dealership you are purchasing from, particularly if you are buying a used vehicle. If you are buying used, never make a purchase without checking the history of the vehicle.


2. Understand Your Consumer Rights

While the Lemon Law is intended to protect you, the consumer, such laws are not always laid out in the simplest terms. Before embarking on your Lemon Law claim, it is important that you fully understand your rights as a consumer. By conducting research online, you can find education about the Lemon Law that goes beyond the legalese. In addition, speaking to a qualified attorney can help you better understand what your rights are.

3. Keep a Record of Vehicle Repairs

If you are planning on pursuing a case under the Lemon Law, it is critical that you keep detailed records of your vehicle’s repairs. You will need to prove that your vehicle has required repairs at least four times for the same issue, which means that you need to keep track of all service records that you were provided with. Ensure that the paperwork includes the dates your car was in the shop, how much you paid for the work, and a detailed description of what the problem is.

4. Create a Logbook for your Vehicle

The best way to keep track of the necessary documentation for your Lemon Law case is to create a logbook for your vehicle. This logbook should not only contain your vehicle’s service records, but it should also keep track of when and for how many days your vehicle was inoperable due to the defect. In addition, your logbook should contain notes on any conversations you have regarding the vehicle with the manufacturer, dealer, service technicians, etc.

5. Maintain & Use Your Vehicle Properly

While you are tracking your vehicle’s problems for your Lemon Law case, it is extremely important that you continue maintaining and using your vehicle properly. This is because the Lemon Law does not provide coverage for any issues that arise as a result of improper or illegal use of the vehicle. If you do not keep up with the required maintenance or use your vehicle improperly, it could negatively impact the case you have against the manufacturer.

6. Find a Licensed Mechanic

When you bring your vehicle in for service, you should only take it to a licensed, qualified mechanic. Make certain that the dealership you take your vehicle to has a good reputation and check that all service technicians are certified. To ensure that your vehicle is getting the best service, you should bring it to the dealership that you bought it from, or to one that specializes in servicing the type of vehicle you have.

7. Hold on to all Correspondence

Whether you have notified the manufacturer of the problem via certified mail or have been exchanging emails with an arbitrator, you must hold on to every piece of correspondence that relates to your vehicle. This documentation will help you throughout your Lemon Law case, providing necessary evidence and aiding your lawyer in understanding the full scope of your claim.

8. Find a Qualified Attorney

Lastly, finding a qualified attorney is one of the most important steps in preparing your Lemon Law case. Ensure that your attorney has experience with the California Lemon Law and has tried successful cases. At Johnson Attorneys Group, we are here to provide the legal representation that you need to seek the compensation you deserve for your lemon. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your case.

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