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California Lemon Law Manufacturers FAQ

Yes. The California lemon law covers your used car purchase as long as your sale has a written or implied factory warranty. Used cars that are covered under California’s lemon law include:

  • Used cars that are intended for family, household or personal use
  • Used commercial cars that weigh under 10,000 lbs and are registered to a business which has 5 or fewer registered vehicles
  • Used cars with a written original factory warranty
  • Lemon cars that were repurchased by the manufacturer and later resold to consumers with a factory warranty that covers their initial defects

According to the Civil Code Section 1791(b) and (l), vehicles that are covered by California’s lemon laws are those purchased from car dealerships or somebody who engages in the sale of cars. Therefore, vehicles purchased from individuals are not covered under lemon laws.

An RV is quite an investment and is also covered under California’s lemon laws. Consult your lemon law lawyer in California immediately you notice that you have to go back to the car dealership too often for warranty repairs or as soon as your RV shows signs of being a lemon. California’s lemon laws cover all Class A, B, and C RVs, Truck Campers, Fifth-Wheel Trailers, Travel Trailers, and Toy Haulers.

In California, you can obtain a buyback for your defective motorcycle as long as the defects occur while it is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If the manufacturer refuses to replace the motorcycle or refund your money, our legal professionals at Johnson Attorneys Group will help you file a civil action against them.

In California, a motor vehicle is considered a lemon if it meets any of the following criteria:-

  • A specific problem has occurred and at least four repair attempts
  • A major safety defect has occurred and been repaired two or more times
  • It has been out of service for 30 or more combined days

A manufacturer buyback or lemon reported is a term used to refer to a vehicle that has been repurchased by the manufacturer due to a complaint that has been unsuccessfully repaired after, ‘a reasonable number of times’.

After a vehicle is determined to be a lemon, you can choose to have it replaced or opt for a manufacturer buyback. The buyback amount includes the vehicle’s down payment, the monthly installments you have paid so far, the remainder of your loan, and expenses related to the malfunction or the defect such as rental car fees, towing costs, and attorney fees. However, the manufacturer will not pay any penalties or late fees that you may have accrued during the term of the loan.

If your vehicle qualifies is determined to be a lemon, you are free to choose either a replacement or a refund from the manufacturer. However, if you opt for a replacement, you both have to agree on the terms.

In case of a replacement, the manufacturer issues you with a new vehicle with a fresh warranty. The replaced car does not necessarily have to be of the same make or model as the initial vehicle, but both must be within the same price range. The manufacturer is responsible for sales tax, license, and registration fees.

You can opt to have your money refunded, if you have completely lost faith in the vehicle brand. You are entitled to the vehicle’s full contract price, collateral costs such as license and title fees, sales tax, finance charges, interest, as well as incidental costs resulting from the defect.

Your California lemon law attorney will help establish whether your vehicle qualifies as a lemon or not. We will walk you through your consumer rights and represent you to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.