Lemon Cars Hall of Fame

Lemon Cars Hall of Fame

While lemons can come in all makes and models, evidence shows that certain cars are more prone to defects than others. Here are 18 cars that have all made it into the Lemon Cars Hall of Fame.

1. Audi Q5

The 2001-2009 Audi Q5 has exhibited a wide range of issues, including problems with the power equipment, engine cooling system, and audio system. Customers also report that this car squeaks and rattles when driven.


2. Ford Focus

Ford Focuses are known for having a variety of problems. However, one problem that often can’t be fixed in these cars is an issue with the ignition switch, common amongst the second and third generations.

3. Dodge Grand Caravan

While the Dodge Grand Caravan is a widely popular car in this country, it comes as a surprise that they are. All years are known for breaking down frequently due to a host of issues, including problems with the transmission, engine, brakes, and fuel system.

4. Ford Expedition

The 1998-2003 Ford Expedition models are known for having persistent defects, one of which is split spark plugs, which makes it a potential lemon.

5. Older GM Vehicles

Older GM vehicles are full of issues and defects. Many models from 1999 and before experience a problem with coolant that causes the radiator, including the hoses and gaskets, to rot.

6. Mercury Sable

While the Mercury Sable is known for being reliable, evidence shows that this reputation may be undeserved. The most common issue amongst Mercury Sables is broken springs, which can be very dangerous while driving.

7. Chrysler Town & Country

A cousin of the Dodge Grand Caravan, the Chrysler Town & Country is another car that remains popular despite its tendency to break down. These cars frequently have problems with the suspension, electrical system, transmission, engine, and more.

8. Toyota Corolla

Many new car buyers choose the Toyota Corolla because it gets great gas mileage. Unfortunately, there’s more to consider with a Corolla than fuel efficiency. Many Toyotas suffer from engine sludge buildup and often require an engine replacement.

9. Mercedes-Benz M-Class

According to Consumer Reports, the 2006 and 2007 models of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class have serious problems, despite the fact that this is a luxury car. Common issues include engine problems, transmission problems, broken body hardware, and failed electrical systems.

10. Automatic BMWs

When you think of BMW, you think of a high-end vehicle that would be a dream to own. Unfortunately, the automatic BMW tends to have transmission issues – it can hesitate or refuse to shift into reverse.

11. Jaguar XF

Another car that is considered a luxury – the 2009 to 2010 Jaguar XF – simply isn’t up to snuff. This car faces problems with the drive and electrical systems as well as the transmission.

12. Volkswagen New Beetle

The Volkswagen New Beetle is a cute car, but it has many problems. These cars are known to have problems with the electrical system, catalytic converter, and power windows.

13. Saturn Relay

While many Saturn models are excellent cars, the Saturn Relay simply isn’t one of them. The 2005 model experiences a range of defects, including issues with the check engine light sensor, doors closing improperly, transmission problems, and weather seals falling off.

14. Nissan 370Z

While most Nissans are very reliable, the 2009-2010 Nissan 370Z is not. Unfortunately, this redesigned model has a range of problems with the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, and drive system.

15. Jeep Grand Cherokee

For a car that seems indestructible, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has a surprisingly poor track record. This car often experiences issues with the cooling system, brakes, hardware, engine parts, climate control system, and power equipment.

16. Oldsmobile Bravada

The Oldsmobile Bravada is known for having multiple major issues. In particular, it suffers from defects with its heating and cooling systems. While this is not a major issue if you live in a mild climate, it can become a problem in very cold or very hot weather.

17. Porsche 911

While the Porsche frequently tops quality studies, the 2006 Porsche 911 doesn’t meet the same standards. It has issues with the engine cooling and electrical systems.

18. Ford Taurus

As a car that is extremely similar to the Mercury Sable in design, the Ford Taurus has many of the same recurring problems. One common issue in the 2002 model is shedding coil springs.

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