California Lemon Law for Buick Vehicles

California Lemon Law for Buick Vehicles

Our team of qualified attorneys has dealt with many cases similar to your own. We also have a proven track record of successfully getting our client's full reimbursement, replacement vehicles, or settlements of another variety. When you buy a lemon, it is time to speak to an expert lemon lawyer. We offer all California residents a free consultation. If we determine your car is a lemon, we manage your claim from the early stages until full resolution.

Do You Think Your Buick is a Lemon?

When you purchase a lemon, it is normal to find yourself at the peak of aggravation. You spent time researching a Buick before making the purchase, you spent a great deal of money on the car itself, and now you’ve spent an equal amount of time in the repair shop on a brand new automobile. You may feel as if you are out of options. Do not despair, there is a positive legal resolution to this difficult situation. Our attorneys are committed to protecting your rights. We work hard to see that your broken vehicle doesn’t have to sit in your driveway much longer.

Buick Models

  • Verano
  • Regal
  • Lacrosse
  • Encore
  • Envision
  • Enclave
  • Cascada
  • Regal Sportback
  • Regal TourX
  • Enclave Avenir
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Most Common Problems with Buick

The 2017 Buick Enclave is known to have serious issues related to the brakes and steering. The Lacrosse is reported to have issues with the interior and exterior accessories, drivetrain, seat belts, airbags, and engine. The Verano has complaints of engine and electrical problems. The 2017 Encore has an issue with both the interior and exterior accessories, as well as with the lights. Other common issues reported for this car manufacturer include suspension, transmission, cooling system, air conditioning, fuel system, and wheel problems.

California Lemon Law

The law has a way out of your dilemma. Every new vehicle, whether bought or leased, comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This factory warranty comes with certain terms. That is, you are covered for a set period of time or under a set number of miles. The good news is that if your vehicle is still under its factory warranty, it is also fully covered by the California Lemon Law. There are three stipulations to qualify your vehicle as a lemon. If, while your Buick is under factory warranty, and of the following apply to you, then you have a fight in this race.

  1. Your vehicle needed four or more repairs for the same malfunction, defect, or issue.
  2. Your vehicle needed two or more repairs for a safety issue that could have resulted in your untimely death or in serious bodily harm.
  3. Your vehicle was unable to be driven for a total period of 30 days or more.

Fight Back with a Skilled Lemon Lawyer!

We are here to help! Although buying a lemon is unfortunate, especially when it’s a new car purchase, there is a way out of this mess. Speak to one of our qualified attorneys today to go over your case and take the first step to receiving a refund.