California Used Car Lemon Law

California Used Car Lemon Law

If you have purchased a used vehicle in the state of California that is under Factory warranty, the manufacturer is liable under the California Lemon Law. James Johnson and his team of Lemon Law Advocates will review your case at no cost, to determine if you have a valid Lemon Law Claim for your defective vehicle. Our practice adheres to the highest industry standards, setting us apart from others, often leading manufacturers to quickly accept our legal demands without prolonged litigation.

Stop taking your new vehicle back to the repair shop. Instead, get the compensation you deserve.

In California, under California Civil Code § 1793.2 et seq. Consumers who purchase new, certified pre-owned vehicles or leased vehicles including motor homes, watercraft and ATV's are protected under the Lemon Law in California. Also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (CWA), the Lemon Law covers replacement or reimbursement for the cost of repairs or a rescission (cancellation) of the sales contract.

Will I Qualify for a California Lemon Law Claim?

To be eligible to file a Lemon Law Claim in California, the vehicle must have been purchased in California and include a factory warranty. Your vehicle qualifies as a 'lemon' if you can answer yes to any of the following:

  • The Vehicle is Inoperable for at least 30 days within one year’s time due to a factory warranty-covered defect.
  • A vehicle defect cannot be repaired with a 'reasonable number of attempts'. A reasonable number of attempts is four or more times and two or more times if the defect(s) are likely to cause injury or death.
  • Factors or defects that may pose a safety hazard. If the vehicles defect may pose a threat to the driver or others, you may be qualified for protection under the California Lemon Law.

Lemon Law Timeframe and Compensation

Dealing with the hassle of a defective vehicle and the typical frustration from trying to recover compensation from the vehicle manufacturer can be overwhelming. Attorney James Johnson and his Lemon Law Advocates typically resolve lemon cases within 2-6 months. Under the California Lemon Law and related statutes, the liable manufacturer is responsible for paying attorney's fees as a part of the judgment or settlement. The California Lemon Attorneys offers their services on a contingency, meaning you will never pay any out of pocket expenses. You can expect to be compensated for the following if applicable to you case:

  • Replacement Vehicle - If the manufacturer is unable to repair your defective vehicle, they may replace the vehicle with a new and substantially identical vehicle. The manufacturer will also be required to pay for collateral charges associated with the new vehicle.
  • Repurchase of an Owned Vehicle - The manufacturer will refund the actual purchase price of the vehicle. The manufacturer may attempt to charge a deduction from this amount for vehicle use; your Lemon Law Advocates will eliminate or minimize this offset during the case or during arbitration.
  • Repurchase of a Leased Vehicle - The manufacturer will provide compensation for the pay-off amount, minus the security deposit and any refund due for insurance included in the lease agreement or from an unexpired term of service contract.
  • Collateral Charges - Your Lemon Law claim can include reimbursement for collateral charges associated with your vehicle purchase like sales tax, registration fees and license fees.
  • Incidental Damages - You may also be awarded compensation for towing, rental car costs, reasonable repair costs and any other reasonable charges incurred as a result of your defective vehicle. The California Lemon Law will also protect consumers with repayment of prepayment penalties, past/present or future earned finance charges and early termination charges.

Contact an Experienced California Lemon Law Attorney

For the best outcome, do not hesitate to contact an experienced California Lemon Law Attorney to quickly resolve your claim and move forward in a safe vehicle. We have successfully many lemon law cases in California and have the resources to help you file a Lemon Law claim and win. Contact the California Lemon Attorneys for your FREE case review or give us a call at 877-787-1120 to see what we can do to help.

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