Manufacturer and/or Dealer Responsible to Pay Fees

Attorney James Johnson - Johnson Attorneys Group

The California Lemon Law (also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act), and other related statutes specify that payment of attorney fees and costs are the responsibility of the manufacturer and/or dealer as part of the settlement and/or judgment. We provide a free consultation for anyone who suspects they may have a lemon.

NO Cost to You - Contingency Fee

When you hire Johnson Attorneys Group Lemon Law division, you do so on a contingency fee basis. This means that unless we win, there are no fees or costs. The fees and costs are paid by the manufacturer and/or dealer. There are never any out of pocket expenses to the consumer.

We Tie Our Success to Yours

We understand people seek a Lemon Law Lawyer because they are exasperated from dealing with a defective assembly line product. We eliminate the frustrations of having to deal with a lemon. Our lemon cases are typically resolved within 2-6 months. We take pride in providing our clients with the highest quality of service. Our experience and legal expertise give us an excellent track record of success for our lemon law clients. If you don't win, we don't get paid.

In settlement negotiations, Attorney James Johnson and his team of Lemon Law advocates methodically make the manufacturer and/or dealer pay the highest compensation to our clients as well as all attorney fees and costs. If no recovery is obtained, there are no fees or costs that the client has to pay.

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California Lemon Law Attorney Fees FAQ

Lemon law cases vary in length depending on the complexity of the individual case. Although there are no guarantees concerning time frames for lemon law cases to be resolved, simple, straightforward cases can be resolved in as little as three weeks. However, complex cases can take significantly longer to settle, but we're generally able to resolve most of our cases in two to six months. We can tell you more about the expected timeline during your initial consultation.

California state laws, as well as federal laws, require the vehicle's manufacturer to separately cover reasonable legal bills in the event that you win your case. Hiring our experienced lemon law attorney to handle your lemon law case in California will cost you absolutely nothing. Because our lemon law attorneys work on contingency fees, you won't have to pay if you lose your case.

We offer a free case review for those seeking legal advice concerning lemon law issues in California. You pay nothing for the initial consultation, and we'll let you know whether you've got a viable lemon law case.

If you've purchased a vehicle that has been deemed a lemon, you're entitled to be reimbursed for the full purchase price of the car as well as to be refunded for towing costs and car rental fees. You may also be entitled to a replacement vehicle, and the manufacturer or dealer of the lemon will be held liable for your legal fees pursuant to your lemon law case.

A lemon law buyback is a car that the manufacturer has repurchased from the consumer after the vehicle has been found to have defects covered in the warranty. These cars are required to be registered in the name of the manufacturer before they can be put up for sale to the public.

In order for a car to qualify under California lemon laws, you must have purchased it in the state of California from an authorized dealership. The car may be new, used, or leased. Lemon laws typically cover warranty defects that involve safety hazards, put the vehicle out of commission for a specific amount of time, or require multiple repairs. In order to optimize your chances of a successful outcome, be sure to keep all of your repair orders so that you can establish a clear paper trail of ongoing issues with your vehicle.