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Do I Have to Pay?

A lemon law claim costs you nothing. Under the California Lemon Law, the manufacturer is accountable for your attorney fees and costs. In most lemon law cases, the attorney charges the automobile manufacturer directly, and in some cases the dealer. Consultations are always free. A free evaluation determines if you have a case and if you do have a case, it costs you nothing to file a claim. Get started resolving your lemon law vehicle case today 1-800-558-1087.

Do I Have a Lemon?

Every case has a unique set of facts. It's best to contact an experienced Lemon Law Lawyer for a free consultation to validate your Lemon Law claim. They analyze the details and gauge if you have a solid case or not. Some basic questions asked include: What problems have you experienced and were they fixable? How many times was the car in for repairs and for how long? Are there safety issues? Were the repairs covered by a warranty? Call for a free, professional evaluation today.

Can I Do It Myself?

You can handle your own Lemon Law claim. However, expect to invest a lot of your own time and money. Most manufacturers "string the consumer along" as long as possible and don't recommend hiring a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer normally stops their delay tactics which resolves the case quickly and delivers a better settlement. Our Lemon Law Attorneys make sure you get the full amount you are entitled to and the manufacturer pays the attorney fees.

We're Here for You!

Under the California lemon law you may be entitled to a repurchase, replacement, or some other sort of cash and keep settlement if your vehicle turns out to be faulty. When you buy or lease a motor vehicle in California, you can rest assured that your consumer rights are protected. At California Lemon Law Attorneys, we can provide the legal assistance you need to ensure your claim is fully pursued under the Lemon Law. Our experienced team of attorneys, legal professionals, and advocates are fully prepared to guide you through your case anywhere in California. We help you take action against the manufacturer and get the compensation you are entitled to.

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California Lemon Law Qualifications

If your car is spending more time with your mechanic than with you, you may have purchased a lemon. A lemon can be a vehicle with substantial defects that impair the value, use, or safety of the vehicle. The guidelines include:

  • Several repairs for the same defect while under the terms of the factory warranty; or
  • Out of service 30 cumulative days while under the terms of the “factory warranty”; or,
  • Repaired 2 times for a safety defect that could cause serious bodily injury or death.
If your vehicle meets one of these qualifications, it may be considered a lemon under the California Lemon Law and you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer.

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What Types of Vehicles are Covered?

Any motor vehicle that is sold in California and comes with a factory warranty is covered by the Lemon Law. This includes new, leased, and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.
Motorhomes, motorcycles, passenger trucks, ATV’s and watercraft may be included as well.

Have a professional determine if your vehicle is covered by the Lemon Law, submit the form or call for a free case review: 1-800-558-1087

"The manufacturer pays the attorney fees in most cases so there is no out of pocket expense to the client.”

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Thanks to the efforts of the Center for Auto Safety, we are able to provide you with the vehicle complaints on file with the National Highway for Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Each year, thousands of Americans call their government to register complaints about their vehicles. The federal government collects this information but has never released it to the general public. The complaint index is based on a ratio of the number of complaints for each vehicle to the sales of that vehicle.
Model Complaint Index Ratio
Mazda MPV 11,090
Kia Sportage 7,204
Ford Excursion 6,682
Ford Windstar 4,550
Mercury Cougar 4,342
Honda Passport 3,691
Honda S2000 3,510
Mitsubishi Eclipse 3,421
Isuzu Rodeo 3,393
Ford Explorer 3,039
Land Rover Range Rover 3,034
Audi A6 2,982
Hyundai Tiburon 2,954
Honda Odyssey 2,825
Lincoln LS 2,753
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2,744
Volkswagen Passat 2,676
Buick LeSabre 2,555
Suzuki Grand Vitara 2,552
Chevrolet Blazer 2,541
Chevrolet Impala 2,463
Jeep Wrangler 2,456
Toyota Tundra 2,454
Dodge Dakota 2,380

Frequently Asked Questions About the California Lemon Law

Lemon laws are designed to protect those who purchase a vehicle that ends up having serious defects that negatively impact its safety or functionality. This might mean engine malfunctions, problems with safety features such as airbags and seat belts, or defects in the braking, transmission, or steering systems. Fluid leaks and persistent noxious odors are other examples of situations that may be covered under California lemon law guidelines.
The timeline of getting a buyback depends on the unique facts and strength of your case, along with how much evidence you have against the manufacturer. Stronger cases can be resolved in under a month, but that is not the standard duration. We can best determine the tentative time frame on a case-by-case basis. We recommend that you compile the following items to make it easier for us to expedite the process as much as possible:
  • Every invoice for all repairs
  • Records of the total time your vehicle has been in the repair shop for the specific Lemon Law issue
  • Receipts for all incidental costs related to the Lemon Law issue, such as towing expenses, rental cars fees, cab fares, and hotel costs
  • Loan documentation for the need to supplement funds for repair costs
  • Records for any official costs associated with the vehicle, such as tax and registration
Certified Pre-Owned cars are vehicles that have undergone thorough inspections by a certified dealer using the manufacturer’s specifications. They've have gone through a multipoint inspection checking hundreds of parts and systems to ensure they meet the minimum requirements of the manufacturer. Typically, the Certified Pre-Owned car will get a warranty that extends the miles covered, the months remaining, or both to the bumper-to-bumper warranty and/or the powertrain warranty.
Used and leased vehicles can both be covered under California's lemon law. However, these vehicles must still be under the manufacturers' new car warranty in order for the lemon laws to be applicable.
Fortunately, the scope of lemon laws isn't restricted to passenger vehicles. All of the above may be covered under lemon laws — however, they're only covered if they're used for non-commercial activities only.
If the situation hasn't been resolved to your satisfaction after a reasonable amount of time or repair attempts, it's time to contact a qualified lemon law attorney. In case you're worried about costs, the lemon laws in California specifies that the manufacturer must pay attorney fees and costs in successful cases.
You should still be covered by California lemon laws if the first attempt at repairing the vehicle occurred while the vehicle was still in the warranty period.
Yes, you have the right to choose a new vehicle or to be refunded the total cost of the vehicle that was deemed a lemon. The manufacturer cannot force you to choose one option over the other — whether you decide on a replacement or a refund is entirely up to you.