Is Your Tesla Vehicle a Lemon?

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Do you keep taking your brand new vehicle in for repairs? Are your worried about the future of your Tesla when the factory warranty runs out? Don't let the manufacturer get away with handing you a lemon vehicle. Recent legislation entitles you to monetary compensation. The California Lemon Law protects consumers against defective vehicles. It's not your fault that the vehicle keeps breaking down because of a factory defect, and the state law says you deserve to be refunded or issued a new automobile.

Our team of experienced attorneys have handled hundreds of lemon law. Our lawyers are experts in consumer rights and want to give you the legal representation you deserve so you can be compensated for your defective vehicle. If you just purchased your vehicle and it's already giving you problems, take action today by seeking legal consolation.

Tesla Models

The following Tesla models qualify under California Lemon Law:

    • Model S
    • Model X
    • Model 3

If you are driving one of these models and experiencing a repeated mechanical issue or defect, California Lemon Law indicates that you deserve a working vehicle or refund.

Have You Experienced Any of the Following Problems with Your Tesla?

    • Steering Wheel Lockup
    • Malfunctioning Power Equipment
    • Charging Equipment Failure
    • Sunroof Squeaks
    • Mysterious Rattling
    • Leaking Fluid
    • Drivetrain Issues
    • Malfunctioning Automatic Doors
    • Baby Seat Problems
    • Weatherstripping Damage

If you are repeatedly having problems with your Tesla and have had it repaired multiple times, you deserve a refund or a new vehicle.

The California Lemon Law

If your vehicle is still under factory warranty and you have repaired the same malfunction multiple times, state lemon law says that you are entitled to compensation. It's not your fault that your Tesla keeps needing repairs, and our California lemon lawyers want to help you hold the manufacturer responsible for handing you a faulty product. If you meet any of the following criteria while your car was under factory warranty, you may be entitled to compensation:

    • Fixed the same problem four times.
    • Fixed a problem twice that is a threat to the life or safety of the driver or passengers.
    • Your car was immobilized for thirty consecutive days.

If you feel that you meet any of these criteria and your Tesla was under factory warranty during the incident, you are driving a lemon and deserve compensation. Call us today for a free legal consultation to find out if you qualify for a reimbursement or replacement.

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If the future of your Tesla vehicle looks dim, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Our team of highly qualified lemon law legal experts are ready to help you fight for the refund or replacement you deserve.

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