California Lemon Law for Dodge Vehicles

California Lemon Law for Dodge Vehicles

It is important to know you have rights as a consumer. Our qualified attorneys have battled even the biggest car manufacturers with excellent success. There are laws in place for exactly your situation. What’s more, our attorneys are fully familiar with them and capable of helping you rectify your faulty purchase.

Do You Think Your Dodge is a Lemon?

If you recently purchased a Dodge vehicle and before your excitement wore off, you discovered it was a lemon, do not despair. While the situation may have you down, a California lemon law attorney can help you get a swift resolution. Our firm has assisted countless people in your very shoes, and we consistently obtain excellent results for them. What this means is you may very well be eligible for a full refund of the vehicle’s purchase price.

Dodge Models

  • Charger
  • Challenger
  • Dart
  • Viper
  • Journey
  • Durango
  • Grand Caravan
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Most Common Problems with Dodge

No two automobiles are the same, and as such, no two lemons are the same either. The most common complaint with the 2017 Durango comes with the exterior accessories. The Charger faces the same issues, as well as problems with the windows or windshield and the air conditioner/heating unit. Dodge’s 2017 Challenger can have drivetrain problems. The Dart has had a serious engine failure, issues with the interior accessories, and problems with the car’s windows. The Journey has quite a long list of common issues, including problems with the: fuel systems, cooling system, steering, air conditioning/heating unit, brakes, engine, exhaust, transmission, body/paint, windows/windshield, and accessories of both the interior and exterior. The Grand Caravan faces potential electrical problems, transmission issues, fuel systems problems, and broken accessories or faulty windows. The only reported issues with the Viper are with the engine and exhaust.

California Lemon Law

Every new vehicle, whether purchased outright or leased comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This factory warranty covers issues that may arise with your car under a specific allotted time period. The good news is that if your car is still under its factory warranty, it is also covered by the California Lemon Law. Three conditions make your vehicle eligible. If under the factory warranty, any of the followings apply to you, then you fit the criteria.

  1. Your vehicle needed four or more repairs for the same issue.
  2. Your vehicle needed two or more repairs for a safety issue that could have resulted in death or major bodily harm.
  3. Your vehicle was not drivable for a total of 30 days.

Know Your Rights

It is critical you reach out to an attorney today for a free consultation. We know you are extremely frustrated with your vehicle, and we want to offer more than condolences. It is time to get your money back. We provide help with years of experience fighting manufactures to get the compensation you are owed.