California RV Lemon Law Lawyer

California RV Lemon Law Lawyer

If you have purchased or leased an RV or a motor home, your consumer rights are protected by the California Lemon Law. Although the Lemon Law does not cover RVs in the same way that it covers cars and trucks, this law does provide consumer protection for certain components of your motor home. RV lemons can come from a variety of manufacturers, and many different defects can cause your RV to qualify as a lemon

California Lemon Law for for RVs

The California Lemon Law specifies protection for “new motor vehicles.” But how exactly are “new motor vehicles” defined under the law? In addition to passenger cars and trucks, certain components of RVs, or motor homes, fall under this classification. The Lemon Law provides coverage for the chassis, chassis cab, and the propulsion system that your RV contains. This is because these components act as the motor vehicle portion of the RV.

While the Lemon Law itself does not cover the living quarters of your RV, some provisions of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act may provide coverage. If the living quarters of your RV come with a written factory warranty from the manufacturer, you may be able to seek compensation for defects in that area. A qualified attorney can assist you in determining what California laws your RV is covered under and how you can seek compensation for your RV lemon.


Types of RVs Covered

National RV
American Coach
Country Coach
Keystone RV
General Coach
Viking RV
Blue Bird
Gulf Stream

Travel Supreme
Damon RV
Weekend Warrior
CrossRoads RV
Allison Transmission
Georgie Boy
Mobile Scout
SunnyBrook RV
Eclipse Recreational Vehicles
Freightliner Custom Chassis
Lippert Components, Inc.
Workhorse Custom Chassis

RV Lemons: Common Defects

Under the California Lemon Law, your new motor home must have a substantial defect impeding its safety, inhibiting its proper use, or decreasing its value to qualify as a lemon. While a wide variety of defects can fall into these categories, these are some of the more common defects that plague RV lemons:

  • Engine failure & malfunction
  • Transmission malfunction
  • Electrical issues
  • Brake issues
  • Steering problems
  • Water leaks in the roof or siding
  • Interior design flaws
  • Chassis defects
  • Frame defects
  • Issues with cargo, capacity, or weight specifications

If your RV is affected by any of these defects, it may qualify as a lemon. Your RV must also meet other criteria under the law, including the need for repairs on four or more occasions for the same defect, or being inoperable for at least 30 days, to be declared a lemon.

Get Help from Johnson Attorneys Group

At Johnson Attorneys Group, we have a commitment to protecting your consumer rights. If you have an RV lemon on your hands, we are here to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Our experienced attorneys can aid you in determining if your RV qualifies as a lemon, discuss whether or not you are covered under the provisions of Song Beverly, and begin the process of developing a case against the manufacturer of your defective motor home.

Not only will Johnson Attorneys Group prosecute your case to the fullest extent of the law, but our team will also be there to support you through this complicated process. We understand that your family vehicle is of critical importance, and we will do our best to process your claim quickly and thoroughly. When it comes to personal injury law and consumer rights, you can place your trust in Johnson Attorneys Group. Contact us today to receive a free consultation regarding your case.