Do I Qualify for the California Lemon Law?

Do I Qualify for the California Lemon Law?

The California lemon law provides a solution for California consumers with repeated problems related to the safety, value, or use of their vehicle. There are certain requirements necessary to meet the qualifications for a California Lemon Law claim. Your vehicle must have been purchased in California, new or used, leased, or Certified Pre-owned, from an authorized factory dealership.

Gathering Information for Your Claim

It is important to take your vehicle in for repairs at a qualified dealership to create a paper trail. The most important information is proof your vehicle is problematic. To prove that your vehicle is a lemon and qualifies under the California Lemon law, you must have repair orders showing the ongoing complaints. The repair orders paint a history of what you have experienced and what the defects are. They show what the complaints have been, what the dealership has done to address your complaints, and how long it has been out of service. After a reasonable number of attempts or numerous days out of service, it’s time to contact a skilled Lemon Law Attorney to begin the process. Let our team take the hassle and out of resolving your Lemon Law case and help get you the best settlement.

Legal Experience Equals the Best Outcome

Every case is unique because each has its own set of facts and circumstances. Consulting an experienced Lemon Law attorney to determine if you have a valid Lemon Law claim is free. Seek the advice of a successful Lemon Law Lawyer with high standards and an excellent track record. Most of the communication between the consumer and the manufacturer is one sided. Manufacturers usually attempt to “string” the consumer along and try to delay repairs or persuade you to admit liability.

It is often frustrating and infuriating when trying to resolve a claim on your own. James Johnson and his team of lemon law advocates are on your side. We can resolve your lemon law claim quickly giving you peace of mind. Our high standards set us apart from others. As a result, the manufacturers commonly accept our demands swiftly. Therefore, the majority of cases are resolved without the need of prolonged litigation.

FAQ About the California Lemon Law