California Lemon Law for Lexus Vehicles

California Lemon Law for Lexus Vehicles

We've helped hundreds of clients take full advantage of those rights, and we want to help you too. Let our team guide you through the process of claiming compensation under California Lemon Law for your Lexus. We know how to prepare your case to maximize compensation.

Do You Suspect Your Lexus is a Lemon?

Are you sick of taking your Lexus in for repairs? Does it seem like no matter what you do, your vehicle is never actually fixed? If you're spending more on your newly purchased or leased vehicle than you ought to be, you have rights under California's Lemon Law. For some of our clients, we arrange for them to receive a refund on the purchase of their vehicle. In other cases, our clients receive a new vehicle replacement or cash compensation.

Put our experience to work for you. A complimentary consultation with our skilled team of attorneys can help determine the best course of action for your Lexus lemon case. We provide a high level of service and representation so you understand California lemon law and can be confident in the process as your case moves through the courts.

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Lexus Models Affected

Many Lexus models are prone to manufacturing defects. These include:

  • RX
  • IS
  • ES
  • LS
  • GS
  • NX
  • GX
  • LX
  • RC
  • RC F
  • LC
  • LC Hybrid
  • CT Hybrid
  • NX Hybrid
  • RX Hybrid
  • ES Hybrid
  • GS Hybrid
  • LC Hybrid
  • GS F

Common Problems with Lexus Lemons

With Lexus vehicles, failed transmissions are one of the most common complaints. There are also frequent complaints about door structures. Drivers also report radiator cracks and that the cars don't start consistently.

California Lemon Law

California laws say that if your Lexus has too many problems, the manufacturer owes you compensation. The standard is four repairs to the same problem or two repairs if the problem is something that can cause a significant injury. If the problems take your vehicle out of service for thirty days or more, you might qualify for compensation under the lemon law. The problem must hurt the value, safety, or functionality of your vehicle.

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