Is Your Jaguar a lemon?

Is Your Jaguar Vehicle a Lemon?

If you keep coming back to the auto repair shop, your new or leased Jaguar might have a factory defect. If you're constantly bringing your car into to get the same problem repaired, the California Lemon Law entitles drivers to reimbursement or replacement. After all, it's not your fault there's a defect on your Jaguar! We have a team of highly trained lawyers who know California Lemon Law, and are ready to fight for your consumer rights. The law says you deserve compensation for your lemon vehicle, and our team will make sure you get the justice you deserve. Our team of legal professionals are standing by, ready to take action on your behalf.

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Which Jaguar Automobiles Qualify as Lemons?

Factory defects can decrease your vehicle's value, make driving hazardous, or rendering your vehicle useless. Such vehicles are lemons and can be a huge hassle to maintain. Are you experiencing problems with your vehicle? If so, do you drive one of the following vehicles?

    • XJ
    • F-Pace
    • X-Type
    • XE
    • XF
    • F-Type
    • I-Pace
    • Other Recent Jaguar Vehicle

Common Problems with Jaguar Lemons

Owners can experience a number of problems, including but not limited to:

    • Ignition Issues
    • Faulty Locking Mechanism
    • Malfunctioning Clutch
    • Transmission Issues
    • Idling at Traffic Light
    • Premature Automatic Transmission

The California Lemon Law

If your recently purchased or leased a vehicle that is under factory warranty and repeatedly breaks down, needs repair, or is immobilized, you qualify for compensation. California Lemon Law ensures that every consumer is entitled to a product free from serious defects Our team of lemon law experts wants to make sure that you get the legal representation you need and deserve.

If you meet one of these criteria, the California Lemon Law may entitle you to compensation:

    1. Four or more times fixing the same defect with factory warranty
    2. Two times fixing a dangerous or deadly defect with factory warranty.
    3. Your vehicle has failed to move for thirty days in a row under factory warranty.

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If you can't drive your Jaguar and the factory warranty is still good, our legal team of qualified lemon law attorneys are ready to defend your right to compensation. Our team specializes in making sure that consumers get the legal protection they deserve. Stop taking your new vehicle back to the repair shop. Instead, get the compensation you deserve. Get rid of your lemon today. Call today for a free consultation at 1-800-558-1087.