What is the Lemon Law Claim Process and Timeline?

What is the Lemon Law Claim Process and Timeline?

Buying a new vehicle should mean that you are ready to start your engine and drive to your destination with no problems for a reasonable amount of time after your investment. There should be no need to worry about breakdowns, safety issues, mechanical issues or frequent visits to the dealership. In the case that you do end up trying to manage this scenario while juggling a busy schedule of work, errands and social life, our California Lemon Law attorney team can help you learn more about this important law.

Am I Covered?

Anyone who has bought a pre-owned, used or certified car, van, SUV, truck or other vehicles that are still covered under the manufacturer's warranty, will be protected under California Lemon Law. The law protects automobile buyers and lessees from serious defects that still fall under the warranty but that the dealer or manufacturer cannot repair. This means that any time a vehicle manufacturer is unable to repair the owner's automobile back to the manufacturer's express warranty condition after a reasonable number of attempts, they must replace or repurchase the vehicle.

Since the California Lemon Law applies to vehicles as long as they are still covered under the manufacturer's express warranty, therefore it is always important to keep your vehicle's manual with that information in a safe place.


What is the Lemon Law Claim Process?

If you suspect you are dealing with a lemon, the first thing you need to do is contact a California Lemon Law attorney to explain your rights to you, as well as what is available to you, according to your unique situation and the law. Your attorney will need the following items and actions from you:

  • A copy of the repair order clearly indicating the recurring problem with your vehicle
  • A copy of the notification of the manufacturer of your vehicle regarding the defects and nonconformities your vehicle has experienced

How Long Does a Lemon Law Case Generally Take to Complete?

The timeline of getting a buyback depends on the unique facts and strength of your case, along with how much evidence you have against the manufacturer. Stronger cases can be resolved in under a month, but that is not the standard duration. We can best determine the tentative time frame on a case-by-case basis.

We recommend that you compile the following items to make it easier for us to expedite the process as much as possible:

  • Every invoice for all repairs
  • Records of the total time your vehicle has been in the repair shop for the specific Lemon Law issue
  • Receipts for all incidental costs related to the Lemon Law issue, such as towing expenses, rental car fees, cab fares, and hotel costs
  • Loan documentation for the need to supplement funds for repair costs
  • Records of any official costs associated with the vehicle, such as sales tax and registration

Do You Need a California Lemon Law Attorney to Help with Your Claim?

Keep in mind that you need a specialized California Lemon Law attorney to assist with your claim since not just any practicing California lawyer can help you. At California Lemon Attorneys, our team of Lemon Law experts is here to walk you through every step of the process to make it as simple and seamless as possible to satisfy your claim completely and to your satisfaction.