Acura TLX Problems, Lemons and Class Action Lawsuits

Honda signageHonda Motors Inc., the parent company of the Acura brand, has been grappling with widespread problems involving its Acura TLX‘s transmission and other issues.

Indeed, the transmission problem was serious enough to prompt a class action lawsuit in federal court complaining that the vehicle was a dangerous road hazard.

Among the many complaints about the car is the transmission jerking and rattling when changing gears.

Roger Kornfein was one of those disgruntled owners. He filed the lawsuit (Roger Kornfein v. American Honda Motor Company, Inc.) against Honda. He complained that his brand new 2015 Acura TLX was difficult to control and could present a danger on the roadway. His problems started only a few weeks after he bought the vehicle. He was making a turn and the vehicle seemed to slip into neutral and it downshifted whenever he drove under 20 mph.

When he tried to get it fixed, Kornfein ran into resistance at the dealership.  The mechanics told him they were unable to replicate his complaint and thus unable to fix the problem.  They stated there were no diagnostic error codes on the vehicle.  Honda’s corporate offices brushed off his claim as well.

Many owners have complained about other problems with the Acura TLX transmission. The issues include the vehicle jerking forward as if it is being rear-ended, changing gears is extremely rough, lunging, gear slippage

The Acura TLX has also experienced other problems such as noisy wheels, electrical problems, oil consumption issues and leaks, air conditioning and it’s also under recall for its Takata airbags.

Help for Acura TLX Owners

Sometimes it seems like no one wants to listen or they want to diminish the problems you are facing with your vehicle. Johnson Attorneys Group hears you and we want to help. If you have suffered repeated problems for the same issue with your vehicle and the dealership is unable to fix it, you may have grounds for a California Lemon Law claim. The vehicle should have a valid manufacturer warranty and at least three attempts to fix the car are necessary. Make sure you receive an invoice from the dealership every time you take the car in to document the evidence. Call us at 800-235-6801 to speak with a qualified lemon law attorney in a FREE CONSULTATION.

The auto manufacturer is required under California law to pay attorneys fees and it does not come out of a client’s settlement.






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