Toyota Prius Lemons, Complaints and Problems

Since its worldwide debut in 2000, the Toyota Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle and has been sold in more than 90 markets including its largest in the United States and Japan.

This popular vehicle comes in various size models ranging from the smallest Prius C and Prius to the Prius Prime hybrid and Prius, a larger capacity version.

The Toyota Prius has won numerous awards including the 2017 Insurance Institute of Safety’s Top Safety Pick to the Kelly Blue Book’s 9 out of 10 ratings for overall reliability and quality.

Toyota Prius Lemon Law Complaints

Despite these accolades, there are Toyota Prius owners who have had problems and complaints that despite repeated efforts to fix them, have continued to exist and thus diminish the value of the vehicle.

One of the top problems with various model year Toyota Prius cars is the vehicle may suddenly stop without warning. This problem is also a huge safety risk for occupants who may be struck by other vehicles unable to stop or avoid crashing into it. One car owner stated the vehicle decelerated from 65 miles per hour and an alarm came on.

There have also been numerous complaints about the headlights on Toyota Prius vehicles. The problems range from difficulty replacing bulbs, to frequent need to replace the headlights and headlights that sometimes work and sometimes don’t work.

California Lemon Law Advocates at Johnson Attorneys Group have experience with helping owners of lemons manufactured by Toyota Motors. Here is a list of some issues that are problematic for Toyota Prius owners:

  • Headlight problems
  • Electrical issues
  • Air Vent issues
  • Sudden stopping
  • Brakes poorly made
  • Faulty seat belts
  • Unintended acceleration
  • Expensive parts and labor costs
  • Excessive engine revving, vibrations
  • Engine rattling and grinding sounds
  • Faulty airbags
  • Visibility impaired rear window

It’s important that you understand that Toyota is required to address your warranty-related problems by fixing the vehicle, but if that is not possible after at least two to four attempts, it’s time to contact a lemon law lawyer for help. You may be entitled to compensation including a refund or replacement of your vehicle under California Lemon Laws and or federal warranties of merchantability.

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Attorney Bio PhotoMotorists who are grappling with ongoing problems with their Toyota Prius or another vehicle, could be eligible for compensation under California Lemon Laws.

Johnson Attorneys Group is dedicated to helping people and has served thousands of clients over the years. We helped them resolve their lemon law cases and we can help you. Call us for a FREE CONSULTATION at 800-235-6801. Remember that our attorneys fees do not come out of your settlement because the manufacturer is required to pay them directly to us under California Lemon Laws.


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