Owners of BMW iX, i4, and i7 Electric Vehicles for High-Voltage-Battery Issue

Owners of BMW iX, i4, and i7 Electric Vehicles for High-Voltage-Battery Issue

BMW has issued a voluntary safety recall for 14,086 hybrid electric vehicles due to a high-voltage battery issue in about 1 percent of these vehicles.

The vehicles involved are the 2022 and 2023 BMW iX, i4 and i7 light SUV models, according to filings made in December with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Specifically, there is a misdiagnosis in the high-voltage battery management electronics system in these vehicles, the NHTSA reports.

This could potentially cause the control unit to reset and interrupt the flow of electrical power. If that happens, there could be a collision resulting in injuries or death. The following vehicles are subject to the BMW battery issue recall:

  • 2022-2023 BMW iX xDrive40, iX xDrive50, iX M60
  • 2022-2023 BMW i4 eDrive35, i4 eDrive40, i4 M50
  • 2023-2023 BMW i7 xDrive60

Additionally, there is a separate recall for 367 BMW vehicles. Specifically, the 2022 i4 eDrive40 and i4 M50, and the 2022/2023 iX xDrive50 and iX M60, the NHTSA reports.

In this recall, the NHTSA issued a warning to owners to stop driving them and advised against charging these vehicles. Also, owners were advised to park their cars outdoors and away from structures. Apparently, there is an increased fire risk due to a possible short circuit in the high-voltage battery in these vehicles.

BMW notified owners of these vehicles by phone and email back in August. Later, in the fall and in December 2022, they sent out a letter to warn owners about the fire risk.

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