Ford Recalls 248,912 Fusions, Fiestas, Lincoln MKZ for Faulty Door Latch

Ford Motor Co. announced a new recall Wednesday for 248,912 vehicles across the United States.
The vehicles affected are the 2014-15 Ford Fiesta, 2014-16 Ford Fusion and 2014-16 Lincoln MKZ.

The American auto manufacturer reports that the latch pawl spring-tab design is problematic in areas with high ambient temperature.

Specifically, the latch is susceptible to cracking and potential failure under such conditions and if this happens the doors may not close or could open while a person is driving the vehicle,” Ford said in its statement.

This recall also affects 19,431 vehicles in Mexico and only 4 located in Canada.

Ford intends to fix the problem by having its dealers remove and replace the side door latches.

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James Johnson ESQ