Ford Recalls 185,000 Ford F-150 2021-22 pickups for Driveshaft Problem

 Ford Recalls 185,000 Ford F-150 pickups for Serious Driveshaft Problem

Ford Motor Co. will recall roughly 185,000 Ford F-150 pickup trucks due to a serious driveshaft problem affecting some 10 percent of the company’s 2021-2022 models.

Next month, Ford is expected to mail out recall notices to 184,698 owners of certain 2021-22 Ford F-150 pickups. The recall warns owners that the driveshaft may fracture and prevent wheels from turning properly. If that happens, federal regulators say there is an increased crash risk.

Ford Pickup Truck Driveshaft Problem

The driveshaft could become fractured in these particular pickup trucks, thus preventing the transfer of torque to other parts of the vehicle. Ford began investigating the issue back in July after owners complained about inadequate underbody insulator adhesion and dozens of warranty claims when the insulators came loose.

Ford sent out a notification to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Dec. 16. They alerted the federal agency that the thermal and acoustic insulators underneath the vehicle could loosen and come in contact with the aluminum driveshaft. If it fractures, the vehicle may suffer heat buildup or other damage.

Owner Complaints, Safety Risk

The automaker has received 27 complaints from owners as of Dec. 7th of fractured aluminum driveshafts due to sagging underbody insulators.

The truck may lose power if it suffers a fractured driveshaft. Also, there may be unintended vehicle movement when the vehicle is parked without engaging the parking brake. Ford warns there may also be secondary damage to surrounding components.

Additionally, if the vehicle suffers a broken driveshaft it could drag on the road and cause the motorist to loose control. Ford stated this could lead to injuries if there were a collision.

Also, the problem stems from inadequate adhesion of the insulators to the underbody of the vehicle, Ford said in its explanation submitted to safety regulators. If that happens, one or both of the insulators could loosen or sag down.

Indeed, Ford told federal safety regulators that about 10 percent of its pickups manufactured between Jan. 10, 2020 and Nov. 20, 2021 could be affected by the issue under recall.

Owners of these vehicles may hear rattling, clocking or other noises signaling they have a loose underbody insulator that is hitting the driveshaft.

Ford is asking owners of these vehicles to call its toll-free line 866-436-7332 to see whether their vehicle may be affected.

Warranty claims 

Additionally, Ford plans to notify owners by mail beginning Jan. 31 to Feb. 4. They shared information about the issue with dealerships on Dec. 21 and asked them to inspect and repair the driveshaft as needed. Also, they should make sure to attach underbody insulators.

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