Ford Explorer SUV Recall for Roof Rail Safety Hazard

Ford Motor Company issued a Ford Explorer SUV recall for certain SUV models built between 2016 to 2019. The Dearborn, MI-based auto manufacturer reports the roof rail covers may become detached while driving.

At this time, the automaker has no accident reports or injuries related to this defect, but there are obvious safety concerns.

The issue affects SUVs with both the base and XLT trims. As the vehicle is driving, the trim may come off and create a hazard for others on the road.

Additionally, the defect affects other models. Specifically, the Police Interceptor and Explorer Sport models. The vehicles are equipped with the roof rail covers painted silver, black or absolute black.

The Ford recall affects 620,483 vehicles in the United States and federal territories. Also, there are 36,419 vehicles in Canada and 4,260 in Mexico.

Owners of affected vehicles should return them to the dealerships. At the repair shop, the roof rails will be secured with plastic push pins. Ford will notify its customers beginning June 28. The reference number for this recall is 21S22.

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