BMW Transmission, Stalling Problems May Not be Fixable, Lemon Law Attorney Says

BMW airbag problem(January 4, 2017) — CALIFORNIA LEMON LAW BLOG— People who buy BMW cars or SUVs expect their new luxury vehicle to not only look good, but to perform well.

So you can imagine how upsetting it would be to have transmission problems that are not repairable after multiple attempts to fix it.

One of our recent Lemon Law clients has been going through this with their 2013 BMW. The client was recently put in a dangerous situation when the vehicle stalled on a freeway. Fortunately, the client managed to get out of harm’s way, but after four attempts to get their transmission fixed they had had enough of the defective car. They no longer wanted to risk their safety or deal with this defective car.

The client called BMW to tell their story, but they were only offered one month’s payment instead of the repurchase they desired.

“It’s very rare that an auto manufacturer will take back their vehicle from a client who is not represented by a lemon law attorney,” said Attorney James Johnson. “The law, however, is on your side and so is our lemon law firm.”

In fact, BMW recently recalled 154,000 vehicles due to stalling transmissions in October 2016. The problem involved a wiring issue with the fuel pump. The recall specifically identified certain 5-Series and X5 models as well as 6-Series and X6 models made between 2007 and 2012.

If this story sounds familiar, or you have a different problem with your BMW or other vehicle, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and call a qualified Lemon Law attorney for help.

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