BMW Recalls 154,000 Vehicles to Fix Wiring Avoid Engines Stalling

BMW airbag problemBMW announced it will recall 154,000 vehicles in the United States and Canada due to a wiring issue that connects to the fuel pump that could cause a car or SUV to stall.

Certain 5-Series and X5 models as well as 6-Series and X6 models made between 2007 and 2012 are subject to the recall. The auto maker filed documents with U.S. safety regulators that stated faulty wiring was to blame for problems with engines stalling. Specifically, BMW has identified that the wiring to the fuel pumps was not properly crimped, they may come loose and then melt a connector. This could cause a gas leak and prevent the fuel pump from working properly. As a result of this problem, a driver may experience their engine stalling and this is a potential safety hazard.

The German auto maker says it does not know of any specific crashes or injuries related to this problem, but it previously recalled vehicles in China, Japan and South Korea for the same problem.

Owners are asked to bring their vehicle to the dealership where the fuel pump module will be replaced at no cost to them starting on Dec. 5.

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