Mitsubishi Lemon Law Attorney in California

Mitsubishi Lemon Law Attorney in California

If your Mitsubishi qualifies as a lemon under the California Lemon Law, we are ready to help pursue a claim for a refund of the vehicle's purchase price, a replacement of the Mitsubishi in question, or a cash settlement offer. You have rights, and our skilled legal team is ready to assist you.

Do You Think Your Mitsubishi is a Lemon?

Mitsubishi car logo lemon lawYou just purchased a new Mitsubishi. It drove great the first day, but then something started to feel funny about it. You take your Mitsubishi to an auto shop and your new vehicle is spending more time getting worked on than getting driven by you. More than frustrating? Definitely. Do you think you purchased a lemon?

In California, we have Lemon Laws to protect consumers in cases where a new vehicle experiences defects that you keep getting repaired but simply don’t go away. The Lemon Law entitles you to compensation, and we at California Lemon Attorneys have the experience and the resources to help you pursue compensation at no cost to you unless we win your case. Our lawyers know consumer rights and are ready to fight on your behalf and file a timely claim under California’s Lemon Law.

If you think your Mitsubishi is a lemon, and you live in California, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Mitsubishi Models in California

There are many popular Mitsubishi models that consumers love. The models you are likely most familiar with under Mitsubishi include:

  • Eclipse Cross
  • Mirage
  • Mirage G4
  • Outlander
  • Outlander Sport
  • I-MiEV
  • Lancer

Most Common Problem with Mitsubishi Lemons

Mitsubishi is not immune to the lemon law. They have had problems over the years. Some of these problems with lemon vehicles include:

  • Eclipse Complaints & Problems: air bags not properly deploying, service brakes having longer than normal pedal stroke.
  • Mirage Complaints & Problems: engine problems, air bag improperly working, transmission programming preventing acceleration.
  • Outlander Complaints & Problems: electrical system displaying inaccurate information, air bags improperly deploying, seatbelt latches becoming stuck.
  • I-MiEV Complaints & Problems: Electrical system and sudden acceleration, service brake issues, air bag deployment inappropriate times.
  • Lancer Complaints & Problems: Fuel / Propulsion system issues including running out of gas suddenly at 70 mph, random acceleration problems including failed acceleration and stalling, squeaky steering wheel.

The above listed problems are just a handful of problems consumers have experienced with Mitsubishi in the past and present. If your Mitsubishi has a substantial defect that devalues the vehicle or interferes with it use and safety, it is probably a lemon vehicle. If it is a lemon, as a reminder: you are entitled to compensation, which could include reimbursement for repairs, replacement of the vehicle, or a refund for the vehicle.

California Lemon Law in California

When you purchased your new Mitsubishi, it was accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty protects you and your vehicle for certain repairs if requested within a set period. If your warranty is still good, then you are covered under California’s Lemon Law. To qualify for the protections under the Lemon Law, you must answer one of the following questions affirmatively:

  • Under manufacturer warranty, did you have four or more repairs for the same defect? Did the defect begin under the factory warranty?
  • Under manufacturer warranty, did you attempt to repair at least twice a safety defect that could result in serious bodily injury or death?
  • Under manufacturer warranty, was your Mitsubishi out of service 30 cumulative days?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, your Mitsubishi may be a lemon, qualifying you for compensation.

Contact California Lemon Attorneys for a Free Case Review Today

If your new Mitsubishi is acting like a lemon while under factory warranty, it probably is, but you need to speak to an experienced consumer rights lawyer who understands the law and has the resources to investigate and file a timely, well-drafted claim. You have nothing to lose but a good working vehicle if you do not contact California Lemon Attorneys today. All you need to do is complete and submit the form on this page or contact us at 877-787-1120 for a FREE case evaluation of your Mitsubishi lemon.

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