Volkswagen Recalls 461,300 Cars for Faulty Airbags — VW Golf, Passat, Jetta and Tiguan Models

Owners of certain Volkswagen cars may be at risk in a crash due to a defect that could prevent the front airbags from deploying.

Roughly 461,300 Volkswagen cars are being recalled by the German manufacturer after it was discovered that a defect could hinder the car’s airbags from deploying and potentially endanger drivers and occupants.

The recall is not related to the ongoing Takata airbag problems that have been making headlines over the past few years.

This new recall was issued Friday morning on Volkswagen models VW Golf, Passat, Jetta and Tiguan that were assembled from 2010 to 2014 and delivered to dealerships and owners in the United States and Canada. The bulk of these cars were sold in the United States or 420,000 vehicles.

The faulty airbag defect arises when a clock spring in the steering wheel column goes bad. The faulty spring can cause a cable that powers the vehicles’ front airbags to come loose and thus prevent the safety equipment from deploying under certain conditions. While there are no known incidents of this happening, Volkswagen is taking the precaution of fixing the problem before someone is hurt.

Some owners have seen a warning light prior alerting them to the problem.

A manufacturer is required to provide car owners with a safe vehicle that is free from defects and if they are unable to fix a problem or if there are repeated issues with a vehicle, your car may qualify for protection under California lemon laws.

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