VOLKSWAGEN RECALL: 91,000 Passat Diesel Cars Have Wiring Defect

Volkswagen logoSome 91,000 Volkswagen Passat diesel vehicles are being recalled by the German automaker due to a wiring defect that could ignite a fire.

Volkswagen reports the vehicles have a wiring connection underneath the body of these cars that was not properly assembled. This allows water to seep into the terminals that could spark a fire or corrode. The defect was discovered after some small fires in the factory.

The manufacturer is asking owners of these midsize Passats made between 2012 and 2014 to bring their vehicles into the dealerships to have them serviced beginning in June.

Under the Tanner Consumer Protection Act, a section of the California Lemon Law, a car owner who makes two attempts to repair a life-threatening defective on a vehicle may be reimbursed under the lemon law. 

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