Toyota Yaris Recall Fuel Pump Problem 2019-2020 Models

 Toyota Yaris Recall Fuel Pump Problem 2019-2020 Models

A Toyota Yaris recall due to defective fuel pumps affects some 31,000 vehicles in certain 2019 and 2020 models.

The Toyota Yaris subcompact cars are equipped with low-pressure fuel pumps that could potentially fail. If that happens, it could lead to the engine stalling or failure to start. Specifically, the recall affects only 2019-2020 Yaris models built on certain dates.

The owners of affected vehicles may notice a rough idle or hesitation when staring the engine. Also, there may be an illuminated check engine light as the problem develops.

There are only a small number of the cars with the defect. However, Toyota made the decision to recall all of them because the company has no way of identifying them. The automaker will replace fuel pumps in all of the vehicles.

At the dealership, service will replace the fuel pumps with an improved design. However, a small number of owners may have already replaced their defective fuel pumps and if that is the case they will be reimbursed by Toyota. As always, recall repairs are free to owners.

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