Toyota Recalls 6.4 Million Vehicles for Safety Defects

Toyota Motor Corp., the world’s largest automaker, announced one of the biggest recalls in automotive history on Wednesday, calling into question the safety of the brand as it affects some 6.4 million vehicles with faulty steering, air bags and other safety hazards, according to news reports.

Although there are no actual injuries or deaths resulting from the defective parts, the recall specified five types of defects on some of the manufacturer’s top-selling brands including the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry sedans and the RAV4 sport utility vehicles.

2014 Toyota Recall Affects 5 Models

Spiral cables that over time could fray and prevent airbags from deploying on the driver’s side must be replaced on roughly 3.5 million vehicles sold worldwide under the RAV4, Camry and Corolla brands. Roughly 1.3 million U.S. vehicles are affected by the air bag defect including the 2009-2010 Corolla and Matrix models, 2008-2010 Highlander, 2006-2008 RAV4, 2009-2010 Tacoma and 2006-2010 Yaris models.

Additionally, roughly 2.3 million vehicles must be inspected to replace the front-seat rails for springs that could break as seats are routinely adjusted causing a locking failure that may allow seats to lunge forward in a collision.

A third recall is aimed at fixing steering column brackets installed in certain European and Asian models that can become unstable when the steering wheel is repeatedly turned with maximum force.

Outside of the U.S., in some Toyota models sold in Europe and Asia, drivers who repeatedly turn their steering wheels with maximum force could render the steering column brackets unstable and this has resulted in another recall made this week. Also, models sold in Asia may experience problems with windshield-wiper motors as well as potential fire in starter motors.

2014 Toyota Recall Follows $1.2 Million Settlement

The recall news comes on the heels of one of the biggest criminal penalties imposed on a U.S. automotive manufacturer made last month against Toyota. The $1.2 billion settlement with the federal government was made by Toyota after it was proved that the company misled regulators and consumers about its unintended acceleration problems stemming from its floor mats and gas pedal defects. Roughly 9 million vehicles were recalled as part of the settlement and the manufacturer agreed to step up efforts to make good on its promise to provide consumers with safe vehicles by announcing future recalls in a timely manner.

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