Tesla Model S Performs Great, but are they Reliable or a Lemon?

Sure every rose has its thorn. Just ask Tesla Model S owners who say the electric car has great performance, but it’s not reliable.

“This car has all the looks, but may not have the guts to back it up long term,” said Lemon Law Attorney James Johnson.

The luxury plug-in car, the Palo Alto-based automaker’s first built with completely original parts, won the respect of the automotive press out of the gates based on its strong performance as an electric vehicle. Lately, however, various problems have questioned that reputation.

In fact, the Tesla Model S earned top ratings from leading industry magazines such as Consumer Reports, but now it’s reliability is rated as less than average and the magazine no longer recommends it to consumers. Consumer Reports based its rating on a single Tesla Model S it purchased and tested.  During the first 15,000 miles it was well received, but after 20 months various problems started.

Among the reported problems reported by Tesla Model S owners are issues with the drive train, charging equipment, computer and center screen glitches, power equipment, leaks, rattles, windshield wipers, latches that don’t line up on the trunks, persistent alignment problems and squeaky sunroofs. There have also been problems with the Tesla-supplied adapter for non-Tesla EV chargers with reports of it falling apart.

Several complaints involve the center console touch screen that has been known to go black or freeze. This is a big problem because it controls many of the car’s functions. The vehicle’s retractable door handles are also known to malfunction preventing drivers from getting in or out of the car.

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Tesla Model S — Safety Concerns

While some of these may be minor issues, Tesla vehicles are new to the market and there could be potentially serious safety concerns as these vehicles are driven for longer periods.

One owner, Peter Cordaro, 61, of Connellsville, Pa., made headlines this year when his complaints about a suspension problem drew attention from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Cordaro reported that the steering wheel’s hub assembly on the left side had separated from the upper control arm while he was driving his 2013 Model S down a dirt road. He took the vehicle in to be repaired and was told the right side was also worn out. The car had roughly 70,000 miles on it. Tesla told him it was normal wear and tear, but he disputed this. The automaker offered to pay half of the cost to repair the car, but also had him sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The defective Tesla parts  were sent to the NHTSA for inspection and it was determined there was no safety issue, but the federal agency learned that Tesla required customers whose cars it fixed for free or at a reduced cost to sign “non-disclosure agreements.” It appeared that Tesla may be attempting to hinder reporting potential safety issues to federal authorities. Tesla disputed the claim that it was trying to dissuade consumers from reporting potential safety issues, but has since revised these contracts.

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Tesla Growth Continues

Tesla Motors Inc., which was founded in 2003, delivered its first four-door Model S sedan in 2012. Since then the $100,000 vehicle has been Tesla’s top model accounting for the majority of the 50,580 vehicles the company sold in 2015.

Tesla has sold 14,370 vehicles in the first two quarters of 2016 and projects production of one million cars annually by 2020. In fact, Tesla Motors Inc., recently announced it plans to double the size of its Fremont manufacturing facilities, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Unlike other auto manufacturers, Tesla sells its vehicles directly through its own dealerships and the vehicles are served by the company at those service centers. The company is therefore able to have immediate knowledge of problems and can keep track of them. In fact, Tesla provides buyers a four-year/50,000-mile warranty as well as an 8-year  unlimited mileage on the power train.

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2 Comments on “Tesla Model S Performs Great, but are they Reliable or a Lemon?”

  1. Breach of Warranty Lawsuit.

    As stated on tesla’s website, “Tesla Warranties
    Tesla offers warranties for new and used vehicles. New vehicles, for example, are covered for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. In addition, the battery and drive unit on new vehicles are covered under warranty. The Model S and Model X, for instance, are covered for eight years or 150,000 miles, with a minimum 70% retention of battery capacity.”

    My car died last weekend travelling from Laguna Niguel to Lancaster at 122 Miles.  I am supposed to get 260 miles, even at 70% , I am supposed to get 185 miles of range.  At 122 I am getting less than 50%.  I have notified them several times while under warranty, they have brushed me off.


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