Statute of Limitations for California Lemon Lawsuits

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So what are the time limits to file a California Lemon Law claim? Consumers who believe they have a car that qualifies as a lemon have a limited time period to file a lemon lawsuit or buyback claim with the manufacturer.

Four-Year Deadline for California Lemon Law Claims

Consumers who have purchased a car, truck or SUV whose manufacturer is unable to repair the vehicle or there is a substantial defect that impairs the use, value or safety of the vehicle may have a claim. However, this claim must be made within the four-year statute of limitations to be valid. Under California Lemon Laws, consumers must file the claim within this time limit or otherwise lose their opportunity.

So when does the statute of limitations begin? The law states that the lemon law statute begins at the time the consumer knew or should have known that their vehicle was a lemon.

The easiest way to determine if you have a car that is a lemon is to call an experienced Lemon Law Attorney for a free consultation.

Some consumers mistakenly try to avoid litigation and believe if they can file a claim directly with the manufacturer and avoid the courts, but doing so will not stop the statute of limitations from expiring. If you believe your car is a lemon, contact an experienced California Lemon Law Attorney who will file a claim on your behalf and ensure your case has the best chance of succeeding.

LEMON LAW LAWYER – 800-235-6801

The Lemon Law offices of Johnson Attorneys Group is one of California’s finest law firms specializing in California Lemon Law. Our years of dedicated service on behalf of our clients has rendered us a 98.7 percent success rate in the cases we accept. We specialize in handling automotive lemons and offer potential clients solutions that will get them back on the road. Here’s how you can get started:

  • FREE consultation to find out if you qualify
  • Manufacturer pays attorney’s fees in most cases
  • Highly experienced Lemon Law Attorney

What documents do Lemon Law Attorneys need?

  1. Lease contract or purchase agreement
  2. Repair receipts/documents
  3. DMV registration
  4. Payoff amount of loan or lease

What Can a California Lemon Law Attorney Do to Help You?

Johnson Attorneys Group is qualified to help you with your potential Lemon Law case.  Our attorneys will negotiate with the manufacturer to get them to buy back your vehicle or replace it. We have offices throughout California to serve you. Call 800-235-6801 for more information.

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