Nissan Recall 712K Rogue, Rogue Sport SUVS for Key Ignition Issue

 Nissan Recall 809K Rogue, Rogue Sport SUVS for Key Ignition Issue

Nissan Motor Corporation announced a recall for 712,458 small Rogue SUVs for a key problem that can cause the ignition to shut off while the vehicle is driving.

The massive recall, announced Feb. 16th, affects vehicles located in the United States and Canada including certain Rogues with the “S” grade trim in the model years 2014 to 2020 and Rogue Sports from 2017 to 2022.

These 517,472 Nissan Rogue and 194,986 Rogue Sport SUVs are having problems with their “jackknife folding keys” because they have a tendency to close. The company acknowledges there is an internal joint in the key that may weaken and if that happens the key could accidentally fold while it is in the ignition.

Also, drivers whose Nissan Rogue key is partially folded could touch the fob and inadvertently turn off the engine, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall report. If that happens, it could cause the loss of engine power and power brakes. Also, the vehicle’s air bags may not inflate if there is a collision.

Nissan is unaware of any collisions or injuries related to the problem at this time. Additionally, the auto maker has not figured out how to fix the issue. Meanwhile, Nissan confirms that the other trim levels and newer Rogues are now equipped with an Intelligent Key. The jackknife-style key has been shelved, Nissan said.

However, Nissan will notify owners by interim letter in March about the affected vehicles. The first letter will advise the SUV owners not to attach anything to the key ring and a second letter will let them know the repair is available and to take the SUV to a dealership for repairs.

Finally, Nissan recommends owners whose keys won’t stay in the open position contact their dealers.

Find out if your Nissan Rogue SUV is subject to the key recall on the NHTSA website.

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