Mitsubishi Outlander Transmission Problems

Mitsubishi lemonsConsumer Reports ranks the Mitsubishi brand as the worst automaker of 2016, but that doesn’t mean that every vehicle that rolls off the assembly line is going to qualify as a lemon under California law.

The automaker’s vehicles — particularly the Mitsubishi Outlander — have been known to have problems. Lemon Law Attorney James Johnson says some of the biggest problems for owners of these vehicles has involved the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Other issues involving these cars include shuddering at low speeds, poor acceleration, rough or loud shifting and gear shift problems.

“Buying a new car is often the most expensive purchase a person makes in their life,” Johnson said. “That is why there are laws in place to protect consumers if their vehicle is defective.”

There are consumers who buy these cars and end up in the repair shop for the same problem, but it is unfixable. Mitsubishi owners have complained about all sorts of problems with their vehicles, but without a competent California lemon lawyer behind them it’s difficult to get the manufacturer to pay up or replace your vehicle.

There are state and federal laws that protect consumers who purchase defective vehicles and ensure that warranties do what they say they will do.

Help for Owners of the Mitsubishi Outlander— Call 800-235-6801

lemon law attorneyMotorists who are grappling with ongoing problems with their Mitsubishi Outlander or other defective vehicle could be eligible for compensation under California Lemon Laws.

While not all unfixable vehicles are lemons, it’s important that you take immediate steps to find out if yours qualifies.

Johnson Attorneys Group has helped thousands of clients resolve their lemon law cases and we can help you. Call us for a FREE CONSULTATION at 800-235-6801. Remember that our attorneys fees do not come out of your settlement because the manufacturer is required to pay them directly to us under California Lemon Laws.



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  1. We have a 2015 Mitsubishi that Sport. We’ve had the transmission replaced once. We’re having the same problem with the replacement transmission. While driving, the engine will suddenly rev from 1500 RPM to 3500 RPM between about 30-40 MPH. It recovers quickly, but is both annoying and scary. We don’t have a dealership close to where we live and the dealership we bought it from in 2015 is about 4hrs from where we live now. The dealership has been challenging to work with. Both the first time and now a second time. Not even 100% sure it’s the same problem we’d had with the first transmission, but the car is acting exactly the same. We moved from IL to IN in 2017 and will have the car serviced in IL where we used to live. Is there anything we should ask of our dealership?

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