MINI Cooper Lemon Law Attorney in California

MINI Cooper Lemon Law Attorney in California

When filing a lemon law claim, you will need a lawyer to help you determine if the lemon laws apply to your vehicle, help you act against the manufacturer, and protect your rights as a consumer under the California Lemon Laws. If you suspect your MINI Cooper may be a lemon, contact the attorneys at California Lemon Law Attorneys today to schedule your free consultation.

Do You Suspect Your MINI Cooper is a Lemon?

A new vehicle is often an expensive and well-researched purchase for many people. Yet the joy of owning a new vehicle can be quickly overshadowed when constant repairs and complications keep your car off the road and in the repair shop. If you find that your MINI Cooper spends more time in a mechanic's garage than in yours, odds are you may have purchased a lemon.

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At California Lemon Attorneys, we know consumer law and know how to handle lemon law claims in the state of California. Our experienced attorneys can assess your lemon law claim, guide you through the lemon law claims process and work towards getting a settlement from the manufacturer, refund, or replacement of the faulty vehicle.

Do You Suspect Your MINI Cooper is a Lemon?

Your MINI Cooper could be determined to be a lemon if it has a substantial defect that is limiting the safety, value, or usefulness of the car. If your vehicle is found to be a lemon, you could be entitled to compensation. Any model of MINI Cooper could be considered a lemon if it falls within the California Lemon Law requirements. Some of the most popular MINI Cooper models include:

  • Hardtop 2 Door
  • Hardtop 4 Door
  • Countryman
  • Clubman
  • Convertible

Common Problems Linked to MINI Cooper Lemons

Any problem that is considered a defect in the manufacturing that causes safety or functioning issues can be grounds for a lemon law claim. Some of the most common major defects reported by MINI Cooper owners include:

  • Electric power steering pump failure
  • Transmission complications and early replacement
  • Clutch failure
  • Noisy timing chains
  • Air conditioning noises and problems

The California Lemon Law

All cars must be under a Factory warranty for a given period of time after purchase. This will apply to both purchased and leased vehicles and covers many of the parts that are required for the car to operate and provide safety and should last for a longer duration of time.

If defects are found during the factory warranty period, a lemon law claim can be filed. To be entitled to compensation, your MINI Cooper's defect will have to meet one of the following requirements listed below.

  1. The vehicle must have been out of use or service for 30 cumulative days or more while it was under the time frame of the factory warranty.
  2. While under the factory warranty the MINI Cooper was taken in for the same defect four or more times.
  3. Two or more repair attempts under the factory warranty had to be made due to defects of safety that could have led to death or great bodily injury.

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As a MINI Cooper owner or lessee, you have consumer rights under the California Lemon Laws. If your MINI Cooper has required repeated repairs for a defect or safety issue, you may be entitled to some form of compensation under the lemon laws.

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