GM Volt Recall Due to Potential for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

DETROIT (March 13, 2015) — Two people suffered injuries related to carbon monoxide exposure when their Chevrolet Volt gas-electric hybrid car was left running in a closed space and carbon monoxide gases created a toxic buildup, Reuters said.

An investigation into the two incidents led to the discovery that these hybrid cars can be accidentally left idle causing the battery to drain down. Once the battery dies, the gas generator takes over and thus the parked vehicle in an enclosed space such as a garage creates a buildup of dangerous carbon monoxide.

Upon discovering the issue, Detroit-based General Motors Co. has issued a recall of roughly 64,000 Volt hybrid cars manufactured between 2011 and 2014 in the United States, Canada and worldwide.  The company plans to provide a software update that will limit the amount of time a Volt may remain idle in the “on” position.

The auto manufacturer made the announcement Thursday, but did not elaborate on the two incidents other than there were no deaths involved.

Dealerships that sell the Volt will provide updated software the will limit the time one of these hybrids can remain idle.

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