Ford Recalls 451,865 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan Cars Due to Fire Risk in Fuel Tanks

Ford Motor Company is recalling nearly half a million vehicles throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico due to a fire risk due to a potential fuel tank leak in the automaker’s 2010 and 2011 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan sedans.

Roughly 451,865 vehicles built at the Ford manufacturing plant in Hermosillo, Mexicoare subject to the recall.

The American automaker is conducting the recall in order to fix defective fuel-tank valves on these vehicles that could burst into flames. At issue is the canister purge valve that has been found to be malfunction in some cars The valve may allow pressure to build inside the gas tank. As the gas tank expands and contracts, a crack may develop in the top of the tank where fuel can escape and a potential for fire to break out.

There are no known reports of injuries or fires due to the defect, but Ford is taking the precaution to avoid such accidents.

Car owners may take their vehicles to their dealership for a valve and fuel leak inspection and to have their powertrain control module software updated.

Under California lemon laws, a manufacturer may be obligated to compensate the owner of a defective vehicle or buy it back that meets specific guidelines that qualify it as a lemon.

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