Ford Fiesta Transmission Problems — No Party for Disgruntled Owners

The Ford Fiesta may be fun to drive, but the party is pretty much over when you find yourself back at the dealership with repeated transmission problems that can’t be fixed.

But like most parties, you are not alone because there have been hundreds of complaints about the 6-speed dual-clutch transmission. Many owners are also being told by the mechanic that grinding noises, shuddering vibrations, power loss, stalling and slipping gears is “normal.”

Then to top it off, the dealership refuses to issue an invoice to document the repair attempt.

Some owners of newer-model Ford Fiesta cars (2011 to 2016) are facing increased resistance at dealerships. Despite repeated issues with their vehicles, they are told nothing is wrong and sent on their way — without any document to prove they brought the vehicle in.

“It is illegal for dealerships to refuse to document a customer’s repair attempt with an invoice whether there were repairs made or not,” said Lemon Law Attorney James Johnson. “A repair order invoice must be provided every time you take the car to them.”

These repair orders are essentially a paper trail that is necessary if you wish to proceed with a lemon law claim under California law. If you do not obtain invoices each and every time you have a problem with your vehicle, there is no proof. It is also required that you give the dealership the opportunity to repair these mechanical problems. If they are unable to fix the problem after repeated attempts, you may have a valid lemon law claim.

So Ford dealers have a good reason to brush you off.  By not documenting your attempts at repairs, they are avoiding liability under California lemon laws.

It’s no secret that the Ford Fiesta has problems. In fact, two years ago Ford Motor Company extended its factory warranty to 7 years/100,000 miles. The auto maker has even offered to buy back some of the defective vehicles to avoid lawsuits and having them labeled as “lemons.” This way they can resell the problematic vehicles to other unfortunate buyers.

Help for Ford Fiesta Owners — 800-235-6801

Ford Fiesta LemonsIf you are the owner of a late-model Ford Fiesta and have made at least four attempts to get your vehicle repaired at authorized repair facility for the same problems, our attorney would like to speak with you.

Our California Lemon Law Firm can explain how this works and protect your legal rights in a free consultation at 800-235-6801. Johnson Attorneys Group has handled cases for unsatisfied Ford owners and we have extensive experience with lemon law.

There is no cost for you to speak with the attorney and if we represent you and get you a settlement or a buy back, the manufacturer will separately pay our attorney fees as required under lemon law statutes.


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