2021 Hyundai Palisade Windshield Cracks and Sunroofs Exploding

Dozens of owners of the 2021 Hyundai Palisade are complaining to federal safety regulators, and other websites, about how easily their windshield cracks on their vehicles.

To make matters worse, the dealerships across the country are unable to get enough windshields to replace the broken ones because it’s affecting so many vehicles.

It’s a costly problem that is typically not covered by new car warranties. But a growing number of frustrated owners blame Hyundai. They say the glass is cheaply made and it cracks because of a factory defect. So far, there is no recall or bulletin about the issue.

Also, replacing the windshield on a Hyundai Palisade costs roughly $1,600 to $2,800 (installed) if the dealership can get one. That’s because the head-up display and rearview camera requires recalibration and alignment. Some dealerships have told car owners they are on backorder and others say it took months to get their windshield replaced. Meanwhile, the tiny cracks spread quickly and car owners worried the fragile glass might further break and make the vehicle unsafe to drive.

Hyundai Owners Report Windshield Cracking

A few owners thought the crack happened spontaneously. Others say if a pebble can cause so much damage, what about a larger rock? They are asking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to investigate why this is happening.

Indeed, most of the complaints happened shortly after the Hyundai owner purchased their new vehicle and the small cracks quickly spread across the windshield.

One owner from Rockwall, Texas told the NHTSA the “glass appears to be fragile and thin.” A small crack spreads quickly across the bottom of the windshield.

A driver from Tennessee reported a small BB size crack appear insignificant, but a short time later as the weather got colder, it quickly grew to 24 inches.

Another owner from Edwardsville, Kansas stated a small 3 mm pit in the glass spread within minutes into about 12 inches long, causing visibility issues for the motorist.

A Phoenix, Arizona owner wondered why a small pebble hitting the windshield caused such a “huge crack across it.”

Replacement Windshields on Backorder

One owner from Denver, North Carolina stated their 3-year-old grandson accidentally hit the windshield while it was parked in the driveway. The impact caused a huge spiderwebbed pattern on the right side. To make matters worse, the Hyundai dealership told the owner they have no replacement windshields available.

A Chesterfield Michigan driver was also told the windshield is on backorder after a stone cracked their windshield.

Dealerships in California are also having trouble obtaining replacement windshields, according to a Hyundai Palisades owner from Downey.

Sunroof Explosions

Meanwhile, several 2021 Hyundai Palisades owners recently began complaining that their sunroof glass unexpectedly shattered. One owner in Arkansas reported that while driving down the Interstate 95 near Bangor Maine they heard a loud noise and glass fell down on the driver and passenger.

It also happened to another motorist in New York who said “It sounded like it had exploded,” the NHTSA said. In this case, the inside shade was closed, preventing the glass from raining down on the vehicle’s occupants.

Yet another owner in Florida said “The sunroof (front unit of panoramic sunroofs) exploded into pieces,” according to the NHTSA.

A related issue with the sunroof reported to the NHTSA involves the sunroof wind guard arms. One motorist said they broke and now the roof is open. Apparently, it’s happened to others as the dealer told the motorist they are aware of the issue. They temporarily taped the sunroof shut to await for backordered parts.

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