2015 Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive Owners Report Unexpected Power Loss

Mercedes logo JAGWhen a car buyer pays out $42,000 to purchase a brand new 2015 Mercedes B Class electric vehicle most people would expect its performance to be best in the business, but that hasn’t been the case for two clients represented by Johnson Attorneys Group.

These car owners both experienced similar issues with their brand new German-made electric Mercedes. While driving the vehicles on the roadway, both of these drivers reported significant reduced power — specifically  the vehicles slowed down and without warning stopped. Also, one of the drivers noted that the top cruise-control speed obtained was 60 mph on the freeway — significantly slow for a California highway or freeway.

“This is an immediate safety risk to these drivers,” said Attorney James Johnson. “A car traveling on a freeway or even a city street can be rear-ended by other motorists at high speeds if they lose power. This type of performance problem can lead to a serious risk of injury or death.”

Attorney Johnson explains that under California Lemon Law a vehicle that poses a safety risk due to defects may qualify for a buy back or replacement vehicle or reimbursement from the auto manufacturer.


Daimler AG’s Mercedes brand debuted the 2014 Mercedes B-class Electric Drive vehicle one year ago after it created the car under partnership with California-based Tesla Motors (TSLA). The vehicle itself is a smaller-sized car modeled after ones designed for use in Europe.

Tesla Motors, which produces the Tesla Model S sedan and creates drive components for the Toyota Rav4 EV electric car, helped Mercedes develop the new B-class electric vehicle. In fact, Tesla is manufacturing parts for the Mercedes electric drive system including the lithium ion battery pack, electric motors, on-board charger and other electronics in the car, a report by CNN Money said.

The Mercedes Electric Drive car is also built with a “quick charge” feature allowing its owners to plug in for two hours and receive a 60-mile range compared with a 7-hour charge that provides a 115-mile range. Mercedes equipped the vehicle with a 134 horsepower electric motor that it advertises will go from zero to 60 mph in less than 10 seconds.


After experiencing perilous performance in their new vehicles, our two clients took their vehicles back to the Mercedes dealerships where they purchased the electric vehicle. However, since the engines are made with Tesla parts and components they were told the issue was unfixable by them. These are vehicles that were still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.


If you purchased a vehicle that is unfixable or a safety risk, you may be entitled to a replacement vehicle or reimbursement and other related costs from the dealership or the auto manufacturer. Our California law office works on a contingency-fee basis and our fees do not come out of your settlement, but they are paid for by the manufacturer upon settlement.

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