2015 Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ sedans recall for faulty seat belts

 2015 Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ sedans recall for faulty seat beltsFord is recalling more than 100,000 2015 model-year vehicles due to a problem with the seat belt fasteners.

Last week the auto manufacturer announced it would recall thousands of 2015 Ford Fusion and 2015 Lincoln MKZ sedans due to a safety issue involving the vehicle’s seat belt fasteners. Specifically, the company has learned that these fasteners may erode and if that happens they would not hold occupants in place in the event of a crash.

There is only a single injury linked to the faulty seat belts at this time.

Ford has stated that the 2015 Fusion sedans that that seat belts affected were built between Aug. 1, 2014 and Jan. 30, 2015 at the automaker’s Hermasillo, Mexico, and Flat Rock, Michigan, plants. Additionally, the other vehicles affected and subject to the recall are the 2015 Lincoln MKZ sedans built between Aug. 1, 2014 and Nov. 21, 2014.

The company reports that the seat belt pretensioners could raise the temperature of seat belt cables. These cables are what holds passengers in place during a crash. These heat-sensitive cables were installed on driver- and front passenger-side seat belt assemblies. Dealers will coat the cables on affected vehicles at no charge to customers in order to protect them from heat.

Ford will be sending out notices to vehicle owners asking them to bring their cars in for repair immediately.

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