Tesla Recall 475,000 Model 3, Model S Vehicles for Rear Camera or Trunk Issues

 Tesla Recall 475,000 Model 3, Model S Vehicles for Rear Camera or Trunk Issues

Tesla will voluntarily recall more than 475,000 cars in the United States due to rear camera problems and issues with trunk latching systems.

According to documents filed with the US safety regulator, the electric vehicle manufacturer is going to recall 356,309 vehicles for potential rear-view camera issues affecting 2017-2020 Model 3 Teslas.

Tesla says repeated opening and closing of the trunk may lead to excessive wear to a cable providing the rear-view camera feed. Eventually, this wear and tear causes the cable’s core to separate “the rear-view camera feed is not visible on the center display/” Tesla a Safety Report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) back in December about the problem that could potentially lead to a collision.

Indeed, it’s estimated that roughly 1% of recalled Model 3s may have a defective rear-view camera.

Model S (2014-21) Recalled for Trunk Issue

Furthermore, Tesla will recall 119,009 Model S vehicles because of potential problems with the front trunk. This happens in vehicles manufactured between 2014-2021. Specifically, the primary latch may inadvertently release while a person is driving. If the trunk opens without warning, their view may be obstructed. This obviously increases the risk of a crash. About 14% of the vehicles will have this problem.

In both cases, Tesla is unaware of any crashes, injuries, or deaths relating to the potential faults.

Tesla intends to repair both issues free of charge. The Model S problem is a misalignment that requires the latch to be repositioned to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, Model 3 owners will get a new cable harness and guide protector installed.

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