Tesla Recall: 24K Model 3 Vehicles for Seat Belt Issue

 Tesla Recalls 24K Model 3 Vehicles for Seat Belt Issue

Tesla Inc. issued a recall today for more than 24,000 Model 3 vehicles due to a seat belt issue.

Specifically, the recall covers 2017-2022 Model 3 vehicles in the United States.

According to the electric vehicle automaker, the vehicle’s anchor for its second-row left-side and center seat belt buckles was incorrectly reassembled when the vehicles were serviced. Tesla has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the issue.

Also, the Austin-based auto manufacturer told the NHTSA it had 105 service repairs and warranty claims in the U.S. for Model 3 vehicles that were associated with the recall.

Indeed, the Tesla Model 3 has numerous 8 recalls, 419 complaints and 3 investigations, the NHTSA reports. The majority of the complaints (365) involve the vehicle’s forward collision avoidance feature. Consumers complain about phantom braking or sudden deceleration. It appears to happen while the vehicle is on Tesla Autopilot or cruise control. Other issues owners have include the electrical system, suspension control arm problems, charge port issues, glass cracking, panel gap and paint issues.

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