Subaru Recalls 2023 Solterra EVs for Risk of Wheel Detachment

Subaru Recalls 2023 Solterra EVs for Risk of Wheel Detachment

Subaru is recalling 1,182 of its 2023 Solterra Electric Vehicles because the vehicles’ wheels may fall off due to improperly tightened hub bolts.

The auto manufacturer and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the recall last week and asked owners to get their vehicles inspected.

The NHTSA warned owners of certain 2023 Solterras that the hub bolts may loosen and if that happens it could cause the wheels to detach.

“This is a serious safety issue,” said Attorney James Johnson. “If a driver’s wheels detach while driving there could be a major crash resulting in injuries and or death.”

The recall is the second for the same issue. The first recall was in June 2022 and owners at that time were told not to drive their vehicles until they were fixed.

In that case, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing recalled both the 2023 Subaru Solterra as well as 2023 Toyota bZ4X. This was happening when the vehicles had low mileage, according to the NHTSA. Subaru and Toyota replaced the hub bolts and wheels at no charge to owners, the NHTSA said.

However, it appears that those repairs were not properly completed and the hub blots were still loosening therefore needing to be repaired again.

Subaru is making all repairs for vehicles under recall for wheel detachment at no charge to owners.

California Lemon Law Attorney James Johnson

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If you purchased a 2023 Subaru Solterra Electric Vehicle and you have repeated problems with your vehicle or another safety issue, it may be time to call for help.

California Lemon Law Attorney James Johnson will review your case and let you know if it qualifies as a lemon.

We recommend that you obtain an invoice for all repairs and recall visits from the dealership. These documents will support your potential case. Should the vehicle experience repeated issues or become a safety risk, these documents support the Lemon Law Claim. Contact us for a free case review at 1-800-235-6801.

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