Mitsubishi Recalls 66,000 Lancer Vehicles for Same Airbag Problem

Mitsubishi Motors North America has recalled the same 66,000 vehicles after it was discovered that they fixed the defective airbags with the same faulty parts.

The vehicles recalled are the 2004 to 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer and Lancer Evolution and the 2004 Lancer Sportback.  The problem stemmed from faulty airbag inflators that were initially recalled in 2016, but were replaced with the same parts made by a Japanese supplier Takata Corp.

Takata has recalled more than 70 million vehicles after it was discovered the ammonium nitrate used to inflate them could explode when exposed to moisture for long periods of time. The result is the explosive airbags spray metal shrapnel into drivers and passengers At least 17 people have died worldwide and more than 150 have been injured due to the defective airbags.

Notifications about the new recall are being sent out to customers on Oct. 22.

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