McLaren Recalls 19 Cars Due to Defective Brakes: 2019-2020 570S, GT, 600 LT, 720S

A McLaren recall due to faulty brakes last month affects some 19 of its $200,000 to $300,000 luxury, sports cars.

Owners of a 2020 570S, GT, 2019 600LT, or 2019-2020 720S may want to go easy on the throttle now that the auto manufacturer is reporting the manufacturing defect affecting the supercar’s brake assembly.

NHTSA Recall Faulty Brake Bolt

Specifically, the problem affects a brake assembly banjo bolt that may be missing the holes that permit the passage of hydraulic fluid to the caliper.

“The banjo bolt that is fitted between the flexi-hose and the caliper within the brake assembly on each corner of the vehicle may not function properly,” the recall says. “The banjo bolt is designed to include holes to allow the passage of hydraulic fluid to the brake caliper. However, the banjo bolts fitted on some of the brake assemblies may not have had the holes drilled into them. If this is the case, there would be no hydraulic pressure to the caliper, and there would be no braking effect on the affected corner of the vehicle.”

Should this happen, the car may pull to the side as the driver slams on the brakes. Obviously this is not good as it may increase the risk of having an accident.

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report the entire McLaren brake pipe assembly comes from a third-party supplier.

This third-party supplier apparently obtained the banjo bolt from a sub-supplier whose machinery did not detect the issue in manufacturing.

Nineteen McLaren cars in the United States must be returned to the dealership for repairs. Authorized technicians will take apart the brake hose assembly to get to the banjo bolt for inspection.

McLaren did not provide a recall notification schedule. However, they intend to contact owners of these vehicles directly. Owners may also contact McLaren at 1-646-429-8916. At the same time, they can also get in contact with the NHTSA’s Vehicle Safety Hotline, at 1-888-327-4236.

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