Audi Q5 SUV Recall: Moisture Can Shut Down the Engine

 Audi Q5 SUVs Recall: Spill Can Shut Down the Engine

An Audi Q5 SUV recall for roughly 300,000 2018-2021 vehicles was announced this month after numerous owners of the vehicles reported the engine stalled or shut down while driving. The problem happens after someone spills a drink or the SUV is caught in a rainstorm.

Reports by consumers state they suddenly received multiple warning and error messages such as “Transmission Engine Failure” on their instrument dashboard. They were on the freeway or road when the car suddenly shut down and stopped. Some were traveling at speeds above 60 mph. Some managed to safely pull over, but others did not and feared they would be hit.

It turns out, the gateway control module got wet. This module is located underneath the rear seat center console and cup holders. This led to a short and caused an electrical problem.

“This happened to me on Sept. 7 causing my car to come to a complete stop immediately after passing through an intersection” reports one Audi owner on the NHTSA website. “Eventually this will get someone killed on seriously injured.”

Audi Recall

The Audi recall is for 288,991 Q5 SUVs, including Sportback and SQ5 versions. The automaker states that the engine could enter an emergency mode with reduced power water gets into the control module.

Apparently, this control module is vulnerable to liquid. Most of the SUV owners reported spilling a drink on the rear seat. However, the manufacturer says the problem could occur in rare cases in heavy rain or while driving through deep water.

If the SUV detects water or another liquid, the module can switch off as a safety precaution. Subsequently, the engine will enter into an emergency mode and become inoperable. Audi is aware that this may create an increased risk of a crash. However, despite claims by owners that they had trouble steering, the automaker insists the SUV’s brakes and steering will remain fully operable.

Just last month on Nov. 12th, 2021, Audi began installing a protective cover over the gateway control module in its production of new Audi Q5 vehicles.

So far, Audi has not received any reports of injuries or collisions related to the issue. The automaker will notify its owners in late February 2022.

This is the third recall for the 2021 Audi Q5 which has 21 complaints on the NHTSA.

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