50,000 Tesla Model X SUVs Recall Seat Belt Issue

 50,000 Tesla Model X SUVs Recalled Seat Belt Issue

Seat Belts Not Properly Connected Could Fail in Crash

A new recall for roughly 50,000 2022-23 Tesla Model X SUVs will address a seat belt issue. Safety regulators say they may not hold occupants due to poor factory-installed connections.

Indeed, U.S. highway safety regulators reported the new investigation into issues with seat belts in these Tesla electric vehicles, Autobody News reports.

Investigators with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) received at least two complaints from Tesla owners whose seat belts were not properly connected at the factory. These Tesla vehicles feature seat belts and pretensioners that tighten them before a crash that are anchored to the seat frames, the report said.

Tesla Model X Complaint

One of the complaints to the NHTSA last June provides a glimpse into the issue:

“I was a passenger in the vehicle. The car was moving forward at 10-15 mph and the auto braking system was activated appropriately when a large truck parked on the side of the street driver’s door opened unexpectedly and was in the path of our vehicle. With the sudden deceleration, my upper body flung forward and the force of my weight caused the seat belt anchor on the lower seat to detach completely.”

The NHTSA issued a recall for an estimated 50,000 Model X SUVs. There are currently 11 recalls, 3 investigations and 36 complaints to the federal safety agency regarding the 2022 Model X.

The two complaints about seat belt problems allege that failed to stay connected to the seat belt anchor pretensioner. It happened when the vehicles were driving and force was exerted. These vehicles, however, were not involved a crash.

The NHTSA has opened a probe into Tesla’s manufacturing processes.

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