2019 Jaguar F-Pace Electronics, Drive System Problems and Complaints

2019 Jaguar F-Pace Electronics, Drive System ProblemsOwners of Jaguar’s best-selling vehicle, the F-Pace crossover, say the vehicle isn’t living up to their expected experience for a brand new luxury SUV.

The complaints by consumers about the luxury compact SUV, helped it land a position at the bottom of the list of 2019 least reliable vehicles by Consumer Reports.

Specifically, the problems experienced by owners of the Jaguar F-Pace are not major mechanical breakdowns. Instead, the issues car owners are grappling with involving the vehicle’s infotainment software, the drive system, power equipment as well as noises, leaks and occasional engine overheating.

“The infotainment system is behind the times,” writes Consumer Reports. “Utilizing a slow and fussy touch screen.”

Most new car owners only have to head back to the dealer’s service department for regularly scheduled maintenance so it can be frustrating when other problems persist.

“Mew car owners expect to have a few years of no-hassle driving, they don’t expect to have any major repairs — especially when it comes to a luxury brand like Jaguar,” said California Lemon Law Attorney James Johnson.

The survey conducted by Consumer Reports asked Jaguar car owners to rate their vehicles. The survey asks car owners to rate 17 identified trouble areas ranging from nuisances such as squeaky brakes and loose trim to major repairs such as transmission failures. The list of least reliable cars is created after Consumer Reports weighs the severity of each problem the consumer complains about and then they assign a ranking among all the vehicle brands surveyed.

The Jaguar F-Pace came out on the bottom of the Consumer Reports list for least-reliable vehicles. The magazine notes that the Jaguar brand has never been a leader in quality and reliability, but rather it’s drivers choose these vehicles because they like the design.

 Jaguar’s response to having their vehicle on the list of unreliable vehicles was that they are continuously updating their vehicle’s features and improving technology.

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