2017-2021 Tesla Model S and Model X Vehicles Recalled — Power Steering Assist

2017-2021 Tesla Model S and Model X Vehicles Recalled -- Power Steering Assist

Some 40,000 Tesla 2017 to 2021 Model S and Model X vehicles are being recalled due to an issue involving the loss of power steering assist experienced by drivers on rough roads, Reuters reported.

Texas-based Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) announced this week it is recalling these electric vehicles after they determined driving them on rough roads or hitting a pothole could cause the loss of power steering assist.

On Oct. 11th, Tesla rolled out an update to help better detect the sudden steering assist torque and now it plans to release an over-the-air software update to recalibrate the system. If a driver loses the power steering assist, it could lead to a collision especially at low speed, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

So far, the electric vehicle automaker has identified 314 vehicle alerts about the issue in the United States, but it’s unknown if there are any injuries or deaths from the problem.

Tesla Recall Power Steering Assist

Meanwhile, Tesla reports that as of Nov. 1st the software update has been installed in more than 97% of the recalled vehicles.

Additionally, Tesla has a separate recall for 53 2021 Model S vehicles to fix its exterior side rearview mirrors. Apparently, these mirrors were built for the European market and therefore they don’t comply with U.S. “Rear Visibility” requirements. .

This year, Tesla has announced 17 recall campaigns affecting 3.4 million electric vehicles.

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