Top 10 Signs, Symptoms You Have a Lemon — California Attorney Reports

People who buy a brand-new car don’t anticipate they will have problems in the first few years. Also, once they start having issues, they often don’t recognize the signs and symptoms that may qualify as a lemon. More surprising, is when these defective vehicles happen to also be expensive luxury brands such as Mercedes, Tesla and Volvo. A recent survey … Read More

Statute of Limitations for California Lemon Lawsuits

So what are the time limits to file a California Lemon Law claim? Consumers who believe they have a car that qualifies as a lemon have a limited time period to file a lemon lawsuit or buyback claim with the manufacturer. Four-Year Deadline for California Lemon Law Claims Consumers who have purchased a car, truck or SUV whose manufacturer is … Read More

Top 4 Myths About California Lemon Laws

CALIFORNIA LEMON LAW ATTORNEY DISPELS MYTHS Maybe it’s time to stop being squeezed by a lemon. Indeed, if your experience behind the wheel of your new or used car has soured due to frequent repairs and safety concerns, it may be time to turn it in. Find out if you qualify under California Lemon Laws and or the Federal Lemon Law, the Magnuson–Moss … Read More

California Lemon Law Attorney Explains Lemon Law Statute

So you believe you are the owner of a California lemon, but you are not sure if your vehicle qualifies under the protection by the California Lemon Law. Under conditions provided in The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (beginning with Civil Code section 1790), a consumer is protected if they lease or buy a new motor vehicle if certain conditions are met. … Read More