Top 4 Myths About California Lemon Laws

CALIFORNIA LEMON LAW ATTORNEY DISPELS MYTHS Maybe it’s time to stop being squeezed by a lemon. Indeed, if your experience behind the wheel of your new or used car has soured due to frequent repairs and safety concerns, it may be time to turn it in. Find out if you qualify under California Lemon Laws and or the Federal Lemon Law, the Magnuson–Moss … Read More

California Lemon Law Attorney Explains Lemon Law Statute

So you believe you are the owner of a California lemon, but you are not sure if your vehicle qualifies under the protection by the California Lemon Law. Under conditions provided in The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (beginning with Civil Code section 1790), a consumer is protected if they lease or buy a new motor vehicle if certain conditions are met. … Read More

Tall Drivers of Chevrolet Camaro at Risk Latest GM Recall Says

Tall people who own and drive the 2010 to 2014 Chevrolet Camaro muscle cars, should be aware of the latest GM recall issued this past week that could affect the safety of these cars. General Motors Inc. announced Friday that it was recalling 511,528 Chevrolet Camaros for an ignition-switch defect similar to the one involving the Chevrolet Cobalt that has … Read More

Is Your Nissan Pathfinder SUV a Lemon?

NISSAN NORTH AMERICA INC. Nissan Pathfinders have been subject to recalls for everything from faulty air bags to brakes and the electrical system. The latest recall, however, is for an air bag issue discovered in the 2014 Nissan Pathfinder. Nissan North America Inc. issued the recall for certain cars manufactured between July 25, 2013 and Sept. 5, 2013 that feature … Read More

California RV/Motor Home Lemon Law Lawyer

Does your recreational vehicle qualify as a lemon under California Lemon Laws? The purchase of an RV can be a huge investment for most families. However, the dream of owning one of these motor homes can quickly turn sour if you are repeatedly spending your vacation at the repair shop. It’s possible you own a lemon and are protected under … Read More

Toyota, Takata Recall Additional 650,000 Cars with Defective Airbags

Drivers and front-seat passengers of an estimated 2.3 million Toyota vehicles are said to be at risk of being injured by defective airbags that could blast out during a crash and propel shrapnel at occupants. Japan-based airbag manufacturer Takata Corp., together with Toyota Motor Corp., issued a recall today asking these car owners to bring back their vehicles to fix … Read More

2014 Ram ProMaster Cargo Vans Recalled, Lemon Lawyer Reports

Owners of 2014 Ram ProMaster cargo vans may find themselves at a higher risk of crash due to defects announced today that could potentially disable the vehicle’s air bags, affect its ability to run or turn off signals and lights — increasing the event of a crash, according to a recall filed with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Indeed, … Read More

Certain Dodge Ram Pickups May Qualify as Lemons Under CA Law

California Lemon Law Attorney James Johnson says owners of certain 2007 through 2011 Dodge Ram pickup trucks may have a valid claim under Lemon Laws for their defective vehicles. Indeed, owners of the pickup trucks featuring the 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine, have been experiencing problems such as the check engine lights remaining on, lack of power, poor performance, brake failure, … Read More

2010 Volkswagen Routan Owners Could Have Lemon Law Claim

The owners of some 2010 Volkswagen Routan cars may have a claim under California Lemon Laws if their vehicle experiences repeated problematic repairs such as premature brake wear or other defects such as the engine shutting off suddenly while driving. Volkswagen of America, Inc. issued a safety recall on some 12,612 of these models back in March 2011 when drivers … Read More

2013 Dodge Dart Owners Have Lemon Law Buyback

Owners of certain 2013 Dodge Dart sedans have been experiencing a variety of problems ranging from defective transmissions and engine issues to faulty fuel gauges and brake failure. Some models of the Chrysler Group LLC vehicle have also been subject to recalls for the car’s power train (June 4, 2013), its parking brake (April 2013) and its side and window … Read More

California Lemon Law Lawyer: GM Recall Too Late for Some Drivers

California Lemon Law Lawyer Says Defective Cars are Lemons Driver Brooke Melton, 29, of Georgia never got the chance to benefit from the recent General Motors recall for her defective 2005 Colbalt. Indeed, just days before the young woman died in a crash due to the defective car, she had taken her Cobalt to be repaired after it shut off … Read More